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  1. I think - but I'm not sure - that it may be the Holiday Inn Express Earl's Court. Can anybody think of any other possibilities?
  2. Hi, I've just discovered this board and it seems like a fantastic resource. I'm trying to figure out what this property could be. Do you have any idea? FULL AMENITIES: Free breakfast, Smoke-free rooms, Business center, Internet access 95% recommended by Hotwire clients, 4* on Tripadvisor. I've only used Hotwire once before in 2002 and really got burnt with no savings and a crappy hotel but this seems very attractive. If anybody has any clue what it could be, I would sincerely appreciate the advice. And if I decide to buy this (or bid on Priceline), I will do so through your links. Thanks in advance and have a fab day. - fab1