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  1. As I've posted previously, this hotel is described as a 2.5* in the hotel listing on this site, however, I once again got it under the 3.5* rating. Curious to know how often the hotel listings and associated star ratings are updated here? Thank you.
  2. No problem. here it is: Free Parking Complimentary Breakfast Free Internet Pet Friendly Fitness Laundry Hi-Speed Internet Cheer.
  3. This was the first time that I got a hotel that didn't match the list's star level rating. For curiosity I called and asked when the star level had changed for Extended Stay and it was February 6th, 2014 according to the Hotwire customer service representative.
  4. Jan. 18, 2014. One night. Started bidding at $71. Went to $77, $79 then $81 which was successful.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has had success with 3* hotels in Central London Ontario. I'm looking to book, and the option I currently have up is the following: Central London Hotel 3* 100% recommended Rate: CAD92.52+taxes/fees = $114.91 Amenities Free Parking Free Internet Pet friendly Indoor pool(s) Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access In-room accessibility Wheelchair accessible Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking The only hotel that I see in the hotel list on this site is for London a 3.5* hotel - which is the Delta Armouries. Any help is much appreciated.
  6. Hi, just wondering if your Hotwire win identified your hotel being a 3.5* or 3*? I'm on here now, and it's saying 3* Central London Hotel, but the only hotel i see in the hotel list for London is a 3.5* hotel - which is the Delta Armouries. Much appreciated.
  7. Started out with Toronto Downtown North at $77. - increased in increments of $5 until $92 adding non 4* zones; - added 4* Downtown South and backed down to $87; - won on $93 Pretty Happy! went to the hotel website to book right away and it was a savings of over 40%!
  8. First bid: $81 @ 4* ---> declined <_< Second bid: $81 @ 3.5* ---> declined <_< Third bid: $76 @ 3* ---> accepted :D attempted to extend stay to the Thursday night at same rate, not accepted or even offered option to increase...
  9. 4* Downtown Ottawa (zone 3 on priceline) First bid - $70, not accepted. After 24hrs, Second bid - $76, accepted. This was a two-room booking, so not sure it would have affected the accepted price or not.
  10. started with $55, then $59. got $64, adding two other areas without 3.5* hotels.
  11. started off with 4* - got up to $70 - didn't work, bumped down to 3.5*, got it on first shot.
  12. Being a crazy weekend in Toronto with the Rogers Cup Men's Tennis and a big wakeboarding competition/show at the island, i found myself in a predicament. i was needing to stay downtown preferrably with tickets to a theatrical show, but to avail online was there availability anywhere. I started bidding for 4* hotels toronto downtown at 70, no luck. i kept raising my bids until 140, simply adding other areas with no 4* hotels.... nothing. i started back with 3* hotels downtown at 65. nothing.... 75 - nothing. 85 - nothing... being as desperate as i was, and knowing the cheapest room online was at holiday inn yorkdale for 150CAN, i made a jump to 102 - bang! Marriott at Eatons Centre - 124US including taxes and service charges, etc... not bad for a $309 / night room on such a crazy weekend!