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  1. I started bidding $84 for 4* in Savannah Historic, then added additional areas (since none have any 4* hotels.) I bid consecutively at $90, $96, $101, $106 and $111 without success. I guess a 4* in Savannah is hard to come by that week.
  2. First I bid $80 for a 4* in downtown, but that was rejected. I left it at 4* and added "Chester" (which doesn't have any 4*) and bid $85, also rejected. I left it at 4* and added "South Richmond" (again, no 4*) and bid $90, which was accepted. Started with the betterbidding PRICELINE link. Gotta love betterbidding! Cheers, Rick
  3. First I bid $47 for a 3* in Ann Arbor, but offer was not accepted. I broadened to include 2.5* and re-bid at $42, which was accepted. Called hotel, and they assured me I am in a room with two double beds, which is perfect because we're traveling with our kids. Courtyard by Marriott Ann Arbor 3205 Boardwalk Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 734-995-5900 Cheers, Rick
  4. I unexpectedly had to find a place at the last minute in the Richmond area for a family event. I saw that the only 4-star was the Omni, so I started bidding low for that and adding an additional area to re-bid after each rejection. Rejected on $65, $71, $76, and then my offer of $81 accepted. There are lots of areas to expand into (none has a 4-star) so you can easily bid over and over to see how low you can go.
  5. Hilton Garden Inn Wilmington Mayfaire Town Center 6745 Rock Spring Road Wilmington, North Carolina 28405 910-509-4046 Having seen another recent success for $65 on a 2.5* in Wilmington, I decided to give it a shot. It was accepted on the first try. Maybe they'd have taken less. Anyway, my family is excited that we're going to enjoy a short vacation at the beach! Thanks, BetterBidding! Rick
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