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  1. Closed a thread. I can't find anymore I started. Again, my apologies.
  2. Sorry to you and others who replied to my other posts. My apologies.
  3. HOTWIRE is so confusing. I'm trying to narrow down the possibility I get Country Inn and Suites, Disneyland. It's rated 3.5*. I want to be there April 23-27. looking at the Hotwire categories for 3.5* they all look the same? What the heck is the difference in the 3.5* category for Disneyland? There are there are 3 categories with 3.5* :/ thanks
  4. I have never used hotwire. always used priceline. do hotwire prices change? and can the hotel be narrowed down? and how so? i put in nov1-5, 5*, south area strip, suite price is $143cdn not including taxes etc thank u
  5. I searched Shanghai and noticed people were rebidding for 5*??? I guess this has changed? Pudong has 5* thus I can only bid once per day? Thanks I am traveling April 3-10, 2012
  6. I don't care whether I get 3.5 or 4 star. 4 stars more often than not will be more expensive. Obviously I want to get it as cheap as possible. If you want a figure than let me arbitrarily say $60.....based on my research etc....I will keep trying. And after further review this needs to be in the anaheim/disneyland zone. Thanks
  7. Looking for 3.5* or better April3-6, I don't have a budget. Just as cheap as I can get for best star rating hotel. Thanks for the area clarfication. I will try Disneyland area.
  8. I have confirmation of travel to LA and will spend 3 days in the Disneyland area.....I have no idea what the difference(s) are between these two areas (Garden Grove/Disneyland)? Thanks
  9. I think this place really varies in their accepting prices. In Sept of 2009 I got this property for $40. And I have been trying again the past few days and they won't even accept $60 for dates in early April. Weird. I can't imagine the prices doubling in a few years?
  10. No results yet with shanghai. I keep bidding $75 for a 5* and once in awhile they counter with $95. I will keep plugging away. Just wanted to update the group.
  11. I have used the PRICELINE link provided above. I have tried a few times with $70 and $75 bids for March28-April7, 2011) and they counter with $95. It is still a few months before I leave BUT does anyone have suggestions and/or thoughts? Is it possible this won't be the Hilton and perhaps might be the Le Meridian/Westin even? It seems like the Hilton gets picked the majority of time at $75 Thanks in advance.
  12. Bonus cash? I am going to Shanghai in late march. I noticed their are no rebid zones for a 5* :) I want to stay in Huangpu as well for 7-9 nights. I guess I have to wait 24hrs to rebid.
  13. I tried to rebid a few times for the DT area of Sandiego with dates of Oct19-24 for a 4*, started out at $80, $85 and $90 bids. No luck.
  14. Staying in San Diego arriving October 17 and staying for 7 nights. I have never been and wonder what area to bid? I want to be central but also would be nice to be near the beach :) Which areas do you suggest for bidding? I do plan on renting a car for the week if that helps in the area. I hope to pay $100 max per night. Cheaper is better of course.
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