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  1. I ended up using the friends & family discount at delta hotel. really enjoyed it. thanks.
  2. I ended up using the friends & family discount at delta hotel. really enjoyed it. thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm looking at 2 different hotels (possibly in two different areas). 6/4 - 6/7 4-star hotel in Lihue - Kapaa $127 4.5-star hotel in Poipu - $236 thanks,
  4. Thanks for the rebid zone linky. So the rebid zone is victoria airport area? Is it possible that i might end up with a place 2-3/4* (round up to 3*) in the 'airport' area... Select 3* Victoria... Bid $55, if rejected add re-bid zone (airport?) Bid $60 [i'll make sure to use the link from this forum when bid] thanks,
  5. I was thinking of spending an additional $40 to save myself time. We (2 people) 'll be spending 1 night in Victoria 7/31. Thanks for your comments. I'll just have to bid for 3* to keep things under/within my budget. -r
  6. Any bidding strategy for Vancouver? 8/1-8/5 Prefer to stay downtown area. Thanks,
  7. I'd like to keep hotel + tax below 100 for a 4*. If not, 60-70 for 3*. The 4* over hotwire is 139?? do you know which hotel it may be? Thanks,
  8. I followed the strategy (below) and expected something in downtown seattle but I got downtown Everett. I hope the hotel is nice and no parking fee. Day 1 tried and failed. Day 2 $50/3* Downtown $55/3* Downtown + Everett $60/3* Downtown + Everett + North Everett $58/2.5* Downtown + Everett + North Everett typically, Holiday inn $99 / night. :)
  9. Hi, Resort currently @$85 - rejected (all regions checked) 2* @ $48 - rejected (only in sedona) I really like to stay in sedona if possible. Any re-bids' strategy ? Thanks,
  10. Congrads Em_n_Pee! I'm trying to book from 9/1 to 9/4 and am still unsuccessful at $85. Any tips? So i'm back to 2* at $38 still not there yet. --nnybor
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