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  1. I got a room at the Westin in Downtown Los Angeles for 1/1/14 - 1/3/14 for a bid of $116/nt. My last bid that wasn't accepted was $112, so that's pretty much the sweet spot right now. I used the link to PRICELINE from this website. Room cost: $116/nt Rooms: 1 Taxes and fees: $45.12 Thanks again, Better Bidding!
  2. We are going to Canada with 2 days in Vancouver this summer and after seeing on this board what other people have been getting in Vancouver through Priceline, I chose a 4 star in the Granville area. I've been trying for about a week and today one finally "popped" in my price range (up to 110/night + taxes). Today I started my bidding at $91 used re-bid zones to increase my bid in $5 increments until I was accepted for $106. I used the PRICELINE link above to start my bidding, as I always do.
  3. I saw that this 4* Coronado hotel was having specials because they are doing renovations to the lobby and lounge areas (but the pools, restaurant and bar are still open). I thought that I might be able to do better than the already highly discounted rate of $119/night by bidding at Priceline and I was right. The best part is that my savings will pay for the "exorbitant" $25 parking fee. This was my 3rd bidding attempt, going up to $100 on the previous tries by using the 4* re-bid zones available in San Diego, so they must have just released this rate today. I started my bidding at $80 and my bid previous to the winning one was for $91. At first, I was going to stay for 2 nights, but after getting the $95 rate I decided to "extend my stay" and successfully added the night of 4/2. As always, I started my bidding through the PRICELINE link on this website.
  4. Won this bid on 1/31/12 on my second bidding attempt after waiting the requisite 24 hours. My previous bid was $108, so I was pretty close to the "sweet spot." This is just across the street from the Sacramento convention center and the rooms, though not large, are decent and I had a good view of the city. I started my bidding from the link to PRICELINE on this website.
  5. I stayed at the Sheraton Carlsbad last year and we really liked it. I had gotten it for $80 before, so I was bidding in $1 increments and got it for $81. My original offer was for 2 nights, but they offered to extend the stay, so we successfully added 1 night for the same rate (11/19-20). Note that this hotel does charge parking ($12) and a resort fee that includes internet ($12). It is a fantastic place to stay if you're going to Legoland because they have a private backdoor entrance that is very convenient & avoids the crowds in the front.
  6. After checking recent wins on this board, I used the link above to get a room at the Del Mar Doubletree for $42 on my first bid for this weekend (which is a 3 day MLK holiday). I wonder how cheap it will go for?? I've stayed there before and agree with the reviews on this site: it's nice, nearly new and very convenient as long as you have a car. It's in a little commercial park right off the 5 freeway and has a nice pool, plus the staff are very friendly.
  7. I have a conference in Sacramento and have been trying to get a 4* Sacramento Downtown hotel through Priceline (following the link above) for 2/1/2011 to 2/2/2011. I tried 3 times, using all 7 rebid zones and going as high as $140 since it's a work trip, but kept getting rejected. I guess it's busy with the legislature in session and a new governor in town... Finally, tonight, I tried again and got the 4* Citizen hotel on my first bid of $100, so it might be available for a bit less. Patience and persistence paid off, demonstrating that it's more effective (and cheaper) to wait for new inventory to be released than to overbid. I've stayed at the Citizen once before and it's a bit of elegance in a restored 1920's art deco building in a great location near the convention center. It's not as modern (obviously) as the other 4* properties in downtown Sacramento, but it's way more stylish.
  8. I used the betterbidding.com link to PRICELINE. I wanted the Sheraton in Carlsbad (to visit Legoland with my son) and I saw that others have gotten this hotel for $80. I started at $70 and added rebid zones (bidding up to $78) until my bid was accepted at $80. The dates are from 11/20/10 - 11/22/10.
  9. I saw in a previous post that someone got the Hilton in Anaheim for $46 earlier in April and we are planning to go down for 1 night to take our son to Disneyland for his 6th birthday. By the way, Disneyland is offering free admission on your birthday this year - just go to their website and sign up. Bid #1: $44 rejected First re-bid adding Zone 1: $46 accepted by the Anaheim Hilton. As always, I used the PRICELINE link on this website to start my bidding. Thanks!
  10. This is an update following our stay at the Casa Munras. We enjoyed our vacation there, particularly the excellent location just blocks from downtown Alvarado Street and within walking distance to many sites. The front desk staff were very friendly and responsive as well. However, as I suspected after winning the bid and finding out that it was Casa Munras, this property doesn't merit the 3.5* rating that it now enjoys, particularly for Priceline guests. When I checked in, I asked if we had a fireplace and was told that our room didn't because we had booked it through Priceline, making it clear that this had determined our room assignment. A friend of mine who has also stayed there said that they have newly renovated rooms that are very nice. Our room was pretty good size and the furniture and carpet were pretty new, but the bathroom was right out of the 1970s. The coffee maker still had used grounds from the previous guest, which I have never before encountered. Also, the layout is more like a motel than a hotel, with all of the room windows looking out onto the walkway and parking lot. They are very family-friendly and also offer an in-room DVD player with free movies available for check-out. In other words, it was a pleasant experience, just not what I would expect with a 3.5* rating. Hotels and motels in Monterey are expensive, so it was a clearly a good deal for the price, but I think that it should be rated more honestly.
  11. I started my bidding for a 3.5* hotel in Monterey at $80, which was not accepted, but Priceline said that they would accept my offer if I increased it by $22. In my experience with PRICELINE, this means that they will accept a bid with a lesser increase than they suggest (wouldn't it be nice to discover a formula?). Since there is only 1 rebid zone in Monterey, as the third zone in Carmel-Carmel Valley was grayed out, I increased my bid to $88 and it was accepted. I was surprised to win the Casa Munras, since the Priceline hotel listing shows that it was a 3* that was increased from a 2.5*. It displayed on my winning bid page as a 3.5* property now. I hope that it merits the increase. I started my bidding using the PRICELINE link on this website.
  12. Thanks to the earlier posts, I was able to get the Doubletree in Del Mar for $53 with only 2 bids. I started the bidding for a 3* in Del Mar at $50, then added one of the 3 zones in San Diego without a 3* and my $53 bid was accepted. Of course, I started my bidding through the PRICELINE link on this website.
  13. Thanks to Better Bidding, once again we got a great deal on a 4* hotel in an otherwise expensive city! Bids rejected: $75, $80 and $85. Fourth bid of $88/night accepted. I was planning to go up to $100/night and I still had 2 more zones left for additional bids. Hotel Name: Hyatt Regency San Francisco 5 Embarcadero Center San Francisco, California 94111 415-788-1234 Check-In Date: Saturday, July 26, 2008 Check-Out Date: Monday, July 28, 2008 Your Offer Price: $88.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $176.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $34.07 Total Charges*: $210.07
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