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  1. Total cost came out to $168.45 for the night after taxes and fees. First bid I made was accepted. I don't know if I could have gone lower than $140, but since a Priceline Express deal was being offered for a 4-star hotel in the Cambridge East-Charlestown zone for $155, I figured I'd start bidding at $140.
  2. Total price was $59.72 for the night. Suppose I should explain this post and the previous Portland post: My boyfriend and I stayed in the Clarion Hotel Airport Portland for two nights, on two separate Priceline reservations. The first one was made three days before checking in; the second one was the result of a same-day bid. We originally planned to stay in Portland for only one night, but on the morning we were supposed to check out, I decided that I wanted more time in Maine, and bf agreed to my request. While he was away eating breakfast, I made several failed bids for 4-star and 3.5-star hotels in Portland. Feeling annoyed and a bit anxious, when I got to the 3-star level I just put in $48 as my first bid, knowing Priceline had accepted that amount before. Lo and behold, Priceline assigned us the Clarion again! Boyfriend went down to the check-in counter to inform staff of the situation. At least we didn't have to change hotel rooms...
  3. With taxes and Priceline's fees, the total price for the night came out to $59.72. This bid was made three days before checking into the Clarion.
  4. Bid made on September 19, 2014. Started bidding at $45 with one of the Parsippany-Morristown zones. On the second bid, added another Parsippany-Morristown zone and increased bid amount to $49. Priceline accepted the third bid, which was $54. I think with taxes and fees the final cost of the stay was $69.79.
  5. Needed a hotel room near North Station, so I bid on 4-star hotels in the Beacon Hill zone. Priceline accepted my 10th bid (started at $80 and increased my bid by $10 each time I added a free rebid zone). Only did additive bidding (A, A+B, A+B+C, A+B+C+D, etc.); for my first foray into Priceline, I decided to just keep things simple. Bids were placed on August 24, 2014. Taxes and fees came out to $33.30. Not a huge savings, but considering that the Holiday Inn Express and Suites Boston Garden was asking $171 or $181 a night when I was looking into booking a hotel room more than a week ago, I wanted to see if I could get a higher-quality hotel for the same price before I shelled out that much for a Holiday Inn Express. Even with the taxes and fees, the final price comes out to less than the rate the Onyx Hotel was charging on its site--$239 a night when I last looked.
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