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  1. Thank you so much for your incredibly valuable comments. I can't believe you can help me this far... I will definitely use your link to keep this site rolling. BTW, I saw from the hotel list that Silver Cloud Stadium is excluded if I bid on Downtown - Pike Place (where my conference happens). If there is even a small chance to get this hotel then I will just go with your suggestion. otherwise, I think I can bid on 4* Downtown - Pike Place until I hit a total of around $370 (all-in) and then just go with Express (your link) if my offer still is not accepted. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the link. I followed the strategy and tried up to $96 but no go. I probably will try higher bid tomorrow. BTW, is there anything to do with the price shown in Hotwire bidding vs. Priceline bidding? I see that Hotwire hotels for the time frame I'm looking at shows around $120/nights (before tax).. in this case, how much (roughly) should I bid on Priceline?
  3. Thank you so much for your reply! I am going to stay 3 nights from 23rd of Nov. I found that the following areas do not offer 4* hotels ... so am I safe to add these areas for free re-bidding? Thanks!! - Airport SEA -Bothell -Des Moines -Kent -Kirkland -Lynnwood -Mukilteo - South Everett -Newcastle -North Everett -Seattle North - Edmonds - Mountlake Terrace -Tukwila -Univ of Washington - Northgate And my max budget will be $450 / 3 nights including all fees and tax. Any suggestion on the bidding strategy will help. Thanks!
  4. Hi! I am planning to bid on Priceline soon, and wanted to check whether the following free re-bidding plan will work or not. I will bid on 4* hotel at Seattle, WA area and I must pick a hotel from "Downtown - Financial District - Pioneer Square" area... (attending a conference on this area) And I see that there are a few areas including "Bothell", "Des Moines," and "New castle" without 4* hotels at all... (bidding checkbox is disabled on 4* hotels) Does this mean I can safely add these areas for re-bidding and still avoid any (small) chance to get a hotel from these (Bothell, Des Moine
  5. I was expecting La Quinta and got it Btw, when I was booking it HOTWIRE didnt show free brrakfast on it. but i know La Quinta gives their guests free breakfasts even without entrance control. In this case will I be able to enjoy free breakfast? Thanks!!
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