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  1. Agree, specially 7/19 is a Saturday around summer vacation. In PRICELINE.EXPRESS, 266 for 7/17, 358 for 7/19 for 4* Pike. IMO, I suggest you bid for 3.5* or 3* Pike Market or other area.
  2. Congrats. Sheraton is a decent and high-rated hotel. You should be satisfied with your last-minute bidding.
  3. Congrats. Don't be sad about the price. $112 hotel may be other hotel. According to history of Renaissance, the lowest bid price is 92 at Feb 6.
  4. Now 113 is 3.5* Hotel rate in HOTWIRE, wish you best. Seattle Tacoma Intl Airport SEA area Hotel 3.5* 90% recommended Travel Dates Check-in: Sat, Jun 28, 2014 Check-out: Sun, Jun 29, 2014 Room type Hot Rate See amenities Rate per night $113.00 Nights 1 Rooms (2 adults) 1 Subtotal $113.00 Tax recovery charges + fees $25.14 Hotwire total $138.14 I guess you will get Radisson, don't forget to keep us posted.
  5. Bid for 111 using re-bid zone: Choose an area that doesn't have 3.5* like 3(Des Moines),12(Newcastle)
  6. The $156 deal was there yesterday, now I can't find it either, maybe sold out. Just to say, the price is possible. For 4* near seattle airport, please don't misunderstand. I didn't mean to correct you. Just want to remind trevms.
  7. As thereuare suggest, you'd better change dates to 7/1-7/3 or 3* near downtown, then you can make it around 101.
  8. Yes, it is possible to make the deal, as there was $156 for 4* Hotel of Pike Market in PRICELINE EXPRESS. You can use summer14 coupon, there will be 5% off, so you can make it under 150 without bid. If you want to bid yourself, you can start from 131, then 141, 151 etc. according to my 2 cents. Don't forget to share your win after success. It helps this board if you use PRICELINE link to bid. There is no 4*, only 3.5* hotel near seattle airport, In PRICELINE EXPRESS, it is $147 for August 28th. You can bid from $81, $101, $121 using rebid zone.
  9. As my 2 cents in my priceline win and PRICELINE EXPRESS. 1. start with 80% price of PriceLine express 2. bid from multiple 10 dollars plus 1, e.g. 91 You can start bid from $121 within your acceptable zones then $131, $141 etc. using re-bid zones (see Priceline Re-Bidding Explained) I guess you will get $131 hotel near space needle. Don't forget to share your win after your success. It helps this board if you use PRICELINE link to bid.
  10. $91 accepted with first bidding, with $117 in PRICELINE EXPRESS, so I don't know what the bottom line is. Anyway, I am happy with what I bid. My two cents of bidding skills: 1. start with 80% price of PriceLine express 2. bid from multiple 10 dollars plus 1, e.g. 91 And other common knowledge 3. 1 or 2 nights is easier than several nights 4. weekday is easier than weekend(Fri, Sat) 5. everyday hotel may update low-price room 6. add re-bid (no 4* hotel) area to bid again etc. I did click PRICELINE link on the board before, but I am not sure if it helps, because I already open priceline.com before betterbidding.com
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