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  1. Amenities Complimentary Free Internet Amenities Boutique hotelBusiness centerPet friendlySmoke-free rooms Accessibility Accessible for visually impairedAccessible for hearing impairedAccessible path of travel The bidding helper was spot on for this one. I was already looking at this hotel on regular sites due to an event at the Hilton around the corner (but Hilton too expensive). Very happy with this discount. For some reason the direct "Buy" link from Helper wouldn't let me finish the transaction ("We couldn't process your request"), so I used the link from here to go to Hotwire and book it. Happy with this, saved me about 15% and the hotel has good reviews and is right where I want to be.
  2. Just an update. I decided to just book something closer to the airport. Just decided on today's Hotwire express deal. 4 star hotel near SFO - Burlingame Area for USD 138/night. Used the link, got $USD10 off, for a grand total of USD162. I ended up with the Westin, which I'm quite happy with with the free shuttle and all. It's going for about USD200 on booking.com. I don't know if it's useful, but I made a screenshot of amenities shown, but not sure how to add it. Either way it showed "Airport shuttle, Business center, Fitness center, Indoor pool(s), Pet friendly, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Self-service laundry, Smoke-free rooms" at the pre-booking page and "Pet friendly, Indoor pool(s), Airport shuttle, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Self-service laundry" after booking.
  3. I just realised it's the labor day weekend... D'oh! I may have to try for 3* or come up with a different idea. I'm not necessarily bound to San Francisco for that one night.
  4. Hmm, fair point, but I think in that case I may as well book it through a regular site, since priceline tends to add 40-50 in taxes/service charges as well.
  5. Hi all, It's been a while since I've done this! I am looking for a minimum 4 star hotel in San Francisco, September 1-2. I guess my absolute max is around $120, but hoping to settle around $100 or so. I know that may be a little optimistic. My zones are pretty much anything in walking distance to BART, since I'll need to head to airport on Sept 2: Civic Center South - South of Market, Financial District - Embarcadero, South of Market - Moscone Center, Union Square East - Nob Hill, Union Square West. I remember rebid zones, but can't immediately find what they are for San Francisco with these conditions. Would appreciate the help 🙂
  6. Ended up changing dates and the direct booking I had with the z hotel.
  7. It was in euro, for some reason the site switched to euros, not entirely sure why. It was 80/85 euro before tax. (USD 88/94) Just tried EUR87 and 90 (96/100) and no joy... I don't think this is going to happen :)
  8. Yeah, pretty much just City Centre South. I found a deal with Z hotel for Aug 30-Sept1, so booked that. So it's just August 29-30 I am looking for now. There's something on that weekend, so it's a bit mental. Just tried 80/85 euro for just those dates, but no joy. May try a few times more, then potentially try an apartment rental or something for that night. 120eur/all included is pretty much the max I am willing to spend on that. PS, thanks for your reply (again). Clicked a bunch of links :)
  9. Tried again with $85 for Centre South and $87 with the free re-bid added. No joy :(
  10. Hi, Am looking for a 4 star hotel for August 29-September 1 in Liverpool (UK) - City Centre South Area. I already tried the following: Bid $75 City Centre South - rejected Added Sefton Park (free rebid as far I can see) - $80 Any other suggestions?
  11. No joy unfortunately, but not unexpected. Reason for going at it quite aggressively pricewise is because lastminute has a decent secret hotel deal, so I think I'll grab that. Thanks for the help anyway, gave you some clicks :)
  12. Done. Didn't work out for me with Price.line that time, unfortunately...
  13. Follow up, I had no joy with PRICELINE, so settled on an apartment rental.
  14. Hi guys, I m looking for a bidding strategy for these dates... I want to restrict my zones to 4*+ at a max of USD90 ex tax (I know that may be pushing it). Zones: Chelsea + Knightsbridge, Kensington/Earl's Court, Mayfair Soho, Westminster House of Parliament. There are some express deals and hotwire offers not far off this price and bookings.com has a few offers too, so I think it my be possible to find a deal. Thanks!
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