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  1. Purchased the Priceline.Express deal for a 4* hotel in Madison Square Garden with the following amenities: Pets Allowed Restaurant Business Center Fitness Center The hotel is the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel.
  2. The Priceline.express deal in MSG came back today and I made the purchase! Thanks for all your help. Please let me know what I need to update/post.
  3. So I decided to go for the express deal but imagine my frustration when I clicked on it and it told me that the deal was no longer available! I'd only just refreshed the search page so am quite annoyed now as I thought that I would get the hotel crossed off the list. There isn't anything on Hotwire or Priceline that is within my budget at the moment for a 4*. There is a 3* offer on Hotwire for £82/$138 but it's only 50% recommended and I feel I could go lower with bidding if it's for a 3*. I know it's hard to predict if prices will go up or down but would you suggest I try bidding again over the weekend and keep an eye out on the offers in the meantime?
  4. Yes I was just starting to look at offers on Hotwire and Priceline and saw the same. What hotel do you think this is?
  5. I've stopped bidding at £87 (~$148) as by then I already had all the zones ticked (except UES and UWS as you're right, perhaps a bit too far out). Should I drop down to a 3* or try again tmr?
  6. I have started bidding now and wanted to bring two things to your attention: 1) I'm bidding in GBP (not sure if that makes a difference but I just translated the USD) 2) The website doesn't seem to stop me from bidding after two rebid zones so I'm actually able to just keep adding the rest of the zones from my list and just increase the bid
  7. Thanks everyone for all the help and suggestions you've provided so far, you've all been so helpful. I have a question before I start bidding. I'm slightly confused with the rebid zones as the guidance said you need to pick a zone that doesn't have hotels rated at the level you're looking for. From the list of zones, they all have 4* hotels except Morning Side Heights so isn't that the only rebid zone I have? Perhaps I have read it the wrong way. Please help!
  8. If bidding doesn't work out, the Hotwire deal does look good! I would prefer to go for a hotel that offers wifi. I know you can choose that through bidding but if I can see the amenities for offers then I would more likely choose one with wifi.
  9. My preferred zones are as follows: Chelsea Midtown East Midtown West Soho Times Square Madison Square Garden Lower East Side Empire State Building Hell's Kitchen Downtown Financial District Upper East Side Upper West Side I don't mind going over $150 a night as an increment of $6 is marginal to me. It's more important to me to get a higher rated hotel for the lowest price so for example if $160 is going to get me a 4* then I will go for that but if we had to set a maximum it would be $150. I'd like to try for a 4* (and not stick strictly to preferred zones if need be) but if it's really impossible then will go for 3*. Hope that's not too confusing...
  10. I'm really looking for something in the 3*-4* region and a maximum of $150 a night without taxes, with budget being more important so it seems like I can probably only get a 3* hotel. I would preferably be in Chelsea or East or West Village areas but am now feeling more open to all areas in Manhattan as long as it's within budget. I checked out the PRICELINE EXPRESS deals to see if there was anything that looked good but the choice seems to be limited so I'd like to explore the bidding option now. Should I start a new thread?
  11. Hi, First time using Priceline and wanted to check different options (bidding vs express deals) before booking. On the express deals I found a 2* hotel in Chelsea for $151 a night with the following amenities: Fitness Centre Business Centre Breakfast Internet According to the hotels list there isn't a 2* hotel but the amenities match Fairfield Inn and Suites. Do you think this is the hotel? Thanks.
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