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  1. Got the Holiday Inn @ Crystal city ~$86 Thanks for your help And yes i did use the Priceline Link :) Cheaper than i would of got it on Hotwire (~$93)
  2. I would prefer the least expensive 4* in those zones, don't have to stay River North zone. I don't mind raising my budget to the $125 to $140 if required. My dates are not flexible unfortunately as the flights in and out are booked. Is there a possibility that rates may fall if i wait till about a month to travel? Thanks for your help
  3. I am happy with a 3* or better, the goal is the least expensive. Happy to stay as far out as Arlington & Crystal city, especially since we are only tehre for 2 full days (take early train on 4th day). Considering we will arrive at DCA late on the 13th, is Crystal city a good option? Yes i have been researching for a while, but since i am only a month away now i am definately ready to commit to this leg of the trip. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hmm ok, is there a possibility that prices can reduce in the next couple of weeks as we get closer (i.e. 1 month before)? I do understand NY is more expensive than other cities and am prepared to pay up to $200, especially for a 4*. But if there is a possibility of paying less by waiting a week or two i dont mind. I thought September would be a quieter time with better rates? Can you please suggest zones in NY?
  5. Hi Guys Would like advice and help on bidding on a 3*-4* hotel in Boston, budget up to $130 a night, would like to stay in the following areas if possible Beacon Hill Boston Common - Theater District Copley Square - Back Bay Downtown Boston - Harbor Front Thank you for your help
  6. Hi All Need help on bidding on a hotel in Chicago. Ideally looking for a 4* Hotel in the following areas with a budget of about $120 or lower if possible Millennium Park, Loop & Grant Park Area North Michigan Ave - River North Area (Preffered) Thanks for your help
  7. I have booked the Croydon Hotel Directly at $135 a night so unless there's a better option i will keep that for Miami but i am keen on booking everything else through PRICELINE and HOTWIRE.
  8. The following area would be acceptable Arlington Capitol Hill Convention Centre Capitol Hill South Downtown Downtown - White House Dupont Circle - Woodley Park Georgetown
  9. Hi guys Need advice on bidding strategy on a hotel for Washington DC, budget is round $120-$130 a night, would like to stay not too far away to the main city (i.e. 10 mins by train would be ok) 3* to 4* would be great. Thank You
  10. Thanks thereuare not super keen on the pelican, the rooms dont really appeal :P but i suppose cant be picky can i? I have been looking at the Croydon Hotel (direct) and they have a 35% sale so $135 a night. Or i can see from HOTWIRE there is the Beacon hotel from $125 a night
  11. My minimum star rating would be about 3 i think but would be over the moon with a 4 star in my budget. I havent made a PRICELINE or HOTWIRE purchase as yet, i have been a little busy and want to sort out all my accomodation in the next couple of weeks before we head off to the USA (4th Sept)
  12. Hi thank you for the reply I am still looking for hotel in Miami and haven't selected. There is no particular point of interest as long asi am reasonably close to transport. i dont know much about NYC but we dont mind walk 10/20 mins to a subway if that helps?
  13. Hi All can you please assist me in finding a reasonable hotel in Manhattan from 16th to 23rd Sept. Don't really know where to stay, want to be reasonably close to transport and safe area. Would like to keep budget around $150 a night but this may not be achievable. I see a fellow member scored the Hilton Manhattan East for $140 a night from 1st September, would be happy with that. Thanks for your help in advance.
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