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  1. Thanks for the advice, Romelle. I was debating cab vs MAX vs shuttle van to get from the hotel to PDX. We won't have a car, so we'll be using MAX for a couple days while we're there already - including getting from the train station to the hotel. As for the bidding, I think I'm going to end up using the 2* University Plaza Hotel and Conference Center that I booked for $99/nt. The reviews aren't awful, and I already contacted the property with a question and got a very nice, prompt response. So we're going to roll the dice with them. I may try a hail mary bid while on the road next week... but the rates are just astronomical, so barring a last-second cancellation somewhere, I doubt I'll get anywhere close to my target price.
  2. You nailed it ... it's the Sheraton Seattle. After three rounds of bidding $80 up to $100 with free rebids - all rejected... I caved and grabbed the $122 Express Deal for the 4*. I was worried it might not hold up - and while we're stilla few days out from the hotel stay, we leave tomorrow... so I wanted something in hand so I don't have to mess with it on the road. Still a pretty good price... Room subtotal: $122.00 Taxes & fees: $29.38 Total charged today: $151.38 ...considering NOTHING in downtown Seattle was coming in under $200. Thanks for all the help... and I happily accepted my Express offer via the BB Priceline link. You guys are the best.
  3. Has to be that convention. The Blazers are on the road while we're there... I looked... would love to have caught a game while I'm there! :) I'll be sure to use your links and post any further progress.
  4. regarding other zones... I don't know Portland all that well, and we don't want to have to rent a car... so we are trying to focus on something in the downtown or very-near downtown areas. I just booked 2* University Hotel and Convention Center for straight-priced $99/nt (used BB's PRICELINE link)... just so I have something to fall back on. It's cancellable, so I'm still looking for something better. Rates are skyrocketing, though. There has to be something big going in in Portland during these dates.
  5. Two things, as stated on my other (Portland) thread: 1- God I love this site!!! 2- This trip came back from the dead... hence the last-minute arrangements. Gave the Seattle 4* bidding another shot overnight: $95 Downtown - Pike Place - Retail District - Convention Center Area$100 adding Downtown-Financial District-Pioneer Square...both rejected again. Still have a couple days, so hoping to take another few swings at it. The 4* $122 Express Deal is still hanging around. I know it may disappear, but that's my back-up plan at the moment. I do have another "Hotel ID" thread up regarding the Express Deal... and am definitely tempted to just hop on that.
  6. Holy cow... thanks for thinking to remind me of this on the other thread!! I had actually abandoned this trip as I didn't think I was going... but it came back to life just in the last few days. I failed to remember I posted this. Would love a 4*... certainly would settle for 3-3.5*. After seeing what's out there, I'd probably go to $120 (?) total for a 4*... maybe $100 for a 3/3.5. God I love this site! Thanks.
  7. Hotel ID? Seattle 4* - Downtown - Pike Place - Retail District - Convention Center Area Express Deal up for $122/nt... can't tell which property this might be. Anyone want to take a stab? Star Rating: 4 Star Guest Score: Rated 8.0 out of 10 (or higher) guest favorite Guaranteed Amenities: Indoor or Outdoor Pool Restaurant Fitness Center Free Internet Business Center
  8. Opened at $75 in Downtown-Pike Place-Retail District-Conv Ctr - Rejected Bid $80 adding Downtown-Financial District-Pioneer Square - Rejected (either of these downtown locations would be fine) Bid $85 adding Kent - Rejected Bid $90 adding N. Seattle-Edmonds-Mountlake Terr - Rejected Bid $95 adding Bothell Bid $100 adding Everett North Express Deal is there for 4* in Downtown-Pike Place-Retail District-Conv Ctr at $122... so going to hope that sticks around and try to re-rack my bids in 24 hours. Plan on dropping down to 3.5* if the next wave fails and the Express Deal is gone. Any advice would be appreciated. Still kinda learning the systems here. Seems Seattle and it's many free re-bid zones is pretty Priceline friendly.
  9. Never been to Portland before. Is it always this expensive or is something going on the days i'm there?? We're coming in on the train from Seattle on Wed 4/22... leaving via PDX on Fri 4/24. Would like to avoid renting a car, so we want to stay downtown. (We'll cab it to the airport). Any chance of a decent property around $80 within walking distance of downtown sites? Bidding help appreciated!!! -J.C.
  10. I wasn't sure where to put this post, so I hope here is ok... ...but thanks to those who created this site. It's a WONDERFUL resource and the community seems far more friendly than other sites like it. I am a former user of another site that didn't value its community members at all. Having just discovered BetterBidding.com, I'll be here often... posting bids and using links to make my bids. Cheers, BetterBidding.com! -J.C.
  11. Bid 4* - $80 -- declined Added 3.5* $90 -- declined Added 3* $100 -- accepted Had seen 3* properties on message boards at $99, so that was an acceptable target for me. Figured I'd take a stab at a bargain on a higher star level beforehand just to see if I could strike gold. Lowest published rate on hotel website was $249/nt. *NOTE: The Residence Inn River North is NOT the same as the Residence Inn Magnificent Mile. River North is on Dearborn at Hubbard just a couple blocks north of the river near Marina City Towers and across the street from Harry Caray's. The Mag Mile Residence Inn is farther north on Walton up near where Lake Shore Drive curves westward when leaving the city. Nice properties both. River North was right in the middle of things. Mag Mile is much quieter. Here's RI River North: Residence Inn River North Here's RI Mag MIle: Residence Inn Mag Mile
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