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  1. Thanks for the information - I wasn't aware of the accident. I'll be staying in Boston next week, and will have a rental car, so I guess the parking situation might be a bit extra tricky...
  2. I tried bidding for a room in downtown, copley and cambridge (first 3 suggested bidding strats) and went up to $130 in all areas without any success. We have now decided to stay outisde Boston instead and found the Colonial Inn in Concord, MA at $149/night which I know is in a nice place. Thanks for all the help!
  3. Thanks! I'll try that and let you know how it goes.
  4. The large convention surely explains why everything seems sold out during that period. The Bulfinch sounds like a great alternative and $179/night seems like an good deal. I'd still like to give priceline a go with the hopes of finding a similar hotel for a lower price. Any advice on what price range to try at? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've previously recieved excellent help on this board and am now hoping that someone can help me with a hotel for August 1st, 1 night. I'm considering either the downtown area, copley or even cambridge and am aiming at paying around $130-150. Can you help me with bidding levels for priceline? Or maybe tell me some good value hotels which can be worth checking out? I've looked around on a lot of sites recently and this date seems to be very expensive for a decent hotel. Any help is greatly appreciated! Best regards, Swede
  6. Hi, I recently got really good help for finding a hotel in downtown boston. Now I'm looking to rent a car between July 24th (noon) and August 3rd (noon). Pickup & drop-off at Logan. Do you have any advice on how to get a good deal for a decent car? I'm looking for a normal size car, i.e. not to small and not a Lincoln town car. Thanks in advance!! :)
  7. The parking garage a block away from the Wyndham sounds like a good deal for being downtown. Do you know what the name of the garage is - or could you provide me with an address? Thanks!!!
  8. Tried the strategy for downtown and got a room at The Wyndham Boston for $125. Seems like a good location (...or so I hope). Check-In Date: Monday, July 24, 2006 Check-Out Date: Sunday, July 30, 2006 Does anyone have any advice about "cheap" parking in the area since we're considering renting a car as well? Thanks for all the advice so far! Cheers, Swede (Sweden)
  9. Thanks - looks like a decent hotel. Will try that.
  10. Hi, Looking for 2 rooms on Nantucket for August 1st (1 night). Does anyone have a recommendation for a bidding strategy? Max price is $200. If someone could recommend a nice place on cape cod this could also be an alternative. I've never been there before so I don't know the area. Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. Thanks for the help! I tried the suggested bidding strategy but haven't had any luck yet. I guess I just have to wait 72 hrs and increase the price - or?
  12. Hi, Dates: 24-29th of July. Also - another question - does anyone have any advice on how to get 2 cheap hotel room in Nantucket (31 July - up to $200)?
  13. Hi, After reading a lot of advice on the site I've decided to try my luck at PL. I'm going to Boston on holiday in late July and staying for 5 days. I was thinking about bidding for a 4* in Copley but I recently read a lot of bad reviews on TripAdvisor about Sheraton (rooms in need of renovation, no minibar/fridge etc.). From the postings on this site it seems like a lot of people bidding in the Copley area end up at the Sheraton. Is the hotel "that bad"? Because of this I've thought about trying to get a 4* in downtown instead. Does anyone have any advice on what the price might end up at for downtown? What price should I start the bidding at? My max price is $150. Thanks in advance for any help!
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