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  1. Amedities: Free Breakfast Free Internet Pet Friendly Fitness Center Business Center Internet Access Spa Services Accessible path of travel In room Accessibility accessible bathroom roll in shower $170 Kinsie for 4 ppl Believe the pet friendly has not been posted for this hotel before. Could have gotten Riv N Water tower for $110 at one point, then it jumped to $123, then to $125, then just as I was buying it pushed me out and wouldn't let me back in for about 15 Min. When I got back in, it had jumped up to $139, so at that point the Kinsie with breakfast and cocktail hours for 4 seemed a better choice:) Thanks so much for all your help. Oh, this was not posted on Hot.Wire, I clicked on a hotel for $158 and it offered this as an upgrade for better ratings.
  2. I keep getting excited over my RateDrop messages, but when I click book now, it has only 2 people. When I change it to 4, these rates/hotels no longer appear for me. It is disappointing and I couldn't see a way to enter the # of people. It would be a great help if not for this glitch!
  3. Could (Aaron?) someone comment on areas...I have been concentrating on North Mi and prices are just now starting a tiny decline. I am wondering for our trip (what we may do is posted above, 1st para) what area is the best for walking to these activities? How much difference is there between North Mi and North Mi Water Tower, and also Mill. Park areas? Would any/all of these be good for our stay? I'm thinking the loop/theater area is not so good? We have def decided to pass on the bargain in the McCormick area, in case it should turn out to not be the Hyatt...haven't seen anyone post a win saying it was. Also, please comment, are 3* in the North Mi area recommended? I did see one on Priceline.Express today (dates are 6/7-6/9 need 2 beds) that has a 2 bed choice and with today's 10% code, would save us almost $400 from what we have booked...but I'm not yet sure if I want to go down to a 3*. Safety, 2 beds & being able to mostly walk are highest concerns. Thanks.
  4. Thank you for all your help. hope it is OK to keep posting in the same thread Today,l I see a 4 star in the Loop/Theater area for $154 (Hotwire, entering 2 adults, 2 kids--that does ensure sleeping quarters for 4, right?) Free internet,pet, fitness,restaurant, Bus Center, Golf nearby, access for blind & deaf. I was thinking the Crowne Plaza maybe? Can you comment on that area for me and that hotel listing? Some in our party want to (window)shop mag mile, one wants Navy Pier, one wants American Girl, one wants museum and all want a little night life/maybe a show and we prefer to be able to mostly walk to these places or take the 'trolley', which I am not sure where it runs? Is mag mile/River North better access around than RN/water tower? Still not sure about whether the savings would beat out the inconvenience of McCormick...my rather cheap purse string is trying to convince me it would...$74 today when I enter 2 adult 2 kids on Hotwire, it comes up $128 if entered as 4 adults. I am very concerned that it would not be the Hyatt, 'specially after your comment that is a large area, although the Hyatt is the only 4 star in the area reported that I saw. In the reviews and replys by the hotel, they make it appear to be about 2 miles from downtown, and the hotel says the bus (#3) stops outside their doors and goes downtown. Is this accurate? Is it not good to take bus? I want to avoid subways, is metra electric subway or L? Secondly, I clicked on Hotwire regular rates, and saw the Mariot , mag mile, come up for 278 (which is my cancelable backup & price), when I clicked on it, it offered an upgrade to a 41/2 star mag mile/RN for 248. Pet Pool smoke free fitness restaurant bus center internet access blind access. What are your thoughts? I thought maybe the Omni? What is the location & hotel like for Omni or whatever you do think it is? Thanks. No one in our party is familiar with Chicago.
  5. I got really excited when I read that...then when I went to look, I see it is the McCormick area one. That is what I originally asked about, and what I was going to do, but it was sort of discouraged on here so I chickened out--there is only 1 4 star listed in that area, and it seems OK, but if by chance I did get something else, it could be kind of overwhelming. I'm hoping that something will come up in the N Mi/Riv N area that has bed choice or is on Hot.wire. Have also been bidding on 2 rooms on Price.line with no success even when I went up to $143. Am considering looking at Mil Park/Loop area only if I have to, but that seems not so good for walking distance. In reading the board, it seems that the better deals come out when the dates are very close, & yes, I realize that may not happen:)
  6. I was using 6/7-6/9, and I just went back and checked. I thought it was gone, but when I refreshed the page, it was there again. I am not seeing the 4* on there for $175 for both dates, I did see a really good deal for the Sunday only but it won't come up for the Sat. Remember, I need choice of bed on PRICELINE, to get 2 dbls or Q. There has been a couple on there for $237 or so, with a choice of beds, but when I click on them, there is no choice of beds and it shows 1 bed with a button you can click on either of the 1 bed choices. I got on chat with priceline to try and find out why there is no choice when it offers it, but the person just kept going in circles and not answering, not sure he had full command of English.
  7. I read through the splitting bid, not sure we want to do that,(on foot, taking a train in), but have been checking separate. I am seeing on Price.line a 3* breakfast public free internet fitness business center, $221, I don't see anything that would match? any ideas? While not crazy about 3 * for that price, my thoughts were that it may be suites, and therefore would accommodate 4.
  8. I was more thinking of the bus right outside the Hyatt that goes downtown:) don't want to walk that far. The post I saw said it was safe & close to walk to Chinatown ect from there. We wanted to stay about $200ish a night for the 4 of us, so if I'm trying to book 2 rooms, will reduce to $100ish a night. Preferably post taxes, since they really add it up! The Mccormick area 4 star is back on Priceline quick buy for $82 tonight, it says it is 70% off. I have not been to Chicago before and have no idea about areas ect so welcome any advice. I just thought the Hyatt might work to stay within budget.
  9. Refused bids River N 4 star Bid 77, 78, 80, 83, 86, 90 on re-bids keeping at 4 stars so I could use other areas. bidding for 2 rooms 6/7-9. All refused. Oh, & went through your [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link:)
  10. From what I can tell, if I pick a 4 star in the Mccormick/medical district, it should be the Hyatt Mccormick unless there is a surprise new 4 star? I saw the description for (possibly) that for a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal yesterday for 81, today the same description is 128, so it is making me wonder if I missed something. I saw a post on here that the Hyatt is safe, safe area for walking, and in the reviews I saw that bus #3 is right outside their door to go downtown, but I didn't research any other hotels in the area and wouldn't want to take an unlikely chance. What would a good bid be? travel dates 6-7 to 9, 4 ppl, switching between trying 2 rooms low, or 1 room with choice of beds to get 2 queen or at least 2 double. Also, any almost sure way to try and get Embassy Suite Downtown? And if it was either Embassy Suite, how is the walking possibilities for the other one to get to Mag Mile, Field, & Navy Pier? Bid suggestion? Concerns are safety, and also not having to take subway! Thank You.
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