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  1. Thank you for the response. Is there anyway I can figure out what hotels they might be suggesting on my own on the betterbidding boards so I don't have to bother you? When I read the reviews on these it appears as though they come up at last minute on Wotif as mystery finds at lower prices (25-45 a day less.) I am now booked at the Sofitel for 170 per night and can probably get it for a little less if I book a non refundale which I will as I get closer to the trip. This is a business rate I have. I was really hoping to get closer to the harbor but I am not certain if it is worth it to chan
  2. This is the hotel showing today...it seems as though it is different everyday. Circular Quay - The Rocks area hotel $209 Nov 16 to 22 Amenities: Indoor pool(s), Fitness Center, Pool(s),Restaurant(s), Business Center 5-star Hotel in Circular Quay - The Rocks This Hotel features the following amenities: Indoor pool(s) <amenity names only please... not descriptions> Fitness Center Guests have access to exercise equipment; an additional charge may apply. Pool(s) Property offers at least one pool area; hours and dates of operation may be seasonal. Restaurant(s) Property offers at least
  3. I think you are correct and I must have misunderstood the distance references. I think yesterdays hotel did not mention a restaurant on the initial amenities list. The hotel a few weeks ago was listed as non smoking. I have been looking at the site for a few weeks. Rates all seem to be 208. I am on my way home from being out of town and will have better computer access to keep a log and to be more specific. Karen
  4. I just checked todays posting and it reads: 5 star Circular Quay Amenities: Business Center, Spa Services, Indoor pool(s), Pool(s) This is different from yesterdays and I wonder if this is one of the apartment setups as there is no restaurant listed. I also notice today the distances seem all the sameunless I read it wrong yetserday. I guess they change the hotels all the time as the last time I looked it was non smoking.... If you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks Again
  5. Thank you....I did notice the distances vary at each hotel. We are traveling Nov 16 to the 22nd. I don't think I will use PL this trip as I fear getting the hotel I already have at a higher rate. The hotels listed on Hotwire appear to be closer to the harbor and not the city center. Should we be looking at a hotel that has an indoor and outdoor pool? I looked at 10 plus 5 star hotels online and several websites describing them to see if I could identify the hotel but have found none with an indoor and outdoor pool. I am wondering if it mentions pool and because they might only have an indo
  6. I have used PL for over 12 years but have never done a hotwire room. I am looking to book a 5 star in Sydney and am not looking at PL as I might end up with a hotel I have an industry rate already at a higher rate. I would prefer to be closer the Circular Quay than the city center where we are now. Last time we were at the Marriott Sydney Harbor from PL at 90 per night. Those days are gone!! This is what is showing for a 5 star: Circular Quay - The Rocks area hotel 5.6 - 6.6 mi from SYD 5-star Hotel in Circular Quay - The Rocks Amenities: Indoor pool(s), Pool(s), Business Center,Restaurant
  7. Ooops...left out Aruba in the title page. Thrilled to see the Marriott coming up. We will be at our timeshare for 2 weeks next door and stayed another night for a better airfare. I booked Holiday Inn months ago for $153 but was thrilled to risk and see if this would come in as well. Now to cancel the other reservation. I always have a back up when using PL especially with those last minute bookings. Sue
  8. Requested 3.5 for $41 rejected with counter of $15 more to $56. Started another bid on my other computer for $1/2 the amount of additional monies as I have in the past and came in at $48. Have stayed here many times but it seems as though all of the 3.5's are coming in at the 40 plus mark. Great hotel and fine for us. Sue
  9. Have to get up to Chicago for a few days and nothing is coming through like it used to in the Schaumberg area so at least I am glad to get this at BWI for the night before we leave. First try. Bidding through the PRICELINE link on your site. Karen
  10. Ooops I thought I did use your site. I clicked it on top and then was rejected. Unless I started another bid totally unrelated. If it did not go through your site I am sorry.
  11. Just got the Marriott which I am thrilled with. Bid 45 rejected added Glouchester City and went for $55. I noticed this came up positive before. We have stayed there in the past. Sue
  12. I think there might be a beauty contest in town. I heard that when we were in Hawaii last month. We are also leaving tomorrow for the week and the rates are outragious. You might look to rent out of town. The rates were significantly lower there several weeks ago but we felt it was not worth it for us. Even vacationoutlet which usually has great rates has 400 rates. I was lucky to secure a University rate for the week at 277 for a midsize hoping for a last minute PRICELINE and that is still very high for us and we used to live in Florida. Good luck. Sue
  13. Yes it was 6-21 to 6-24. We tend to change computers and all sites if we are rebidding immediately. Sorry we did not get this one for you. We will with the others and have in the past. Sue
  14. Bid $130 after winning bid on the previous days when we only needed one room. Won June 25 to June 26.... 2 rooms. Used PRICELINE link above. Bid Resort Waikiki Beach $130 Sue
  15. I have used PL for over 9 years now and can usually guess what will happen (within one or two properties by watching for months what people are winning) . Got tricked this time. But I am happy none the less. We will be in and out of Hawaii on our trip to Tahiti this summer. I was able to get the Shearaton Waikiki the other day for $120 (June 3-6) for the first leg of our trip and noticed the wins for our return from Tahiti were showing a little higher. Bid last night (thru PRICELINE on this site) for $119 for a 4* Waikiki Beach and got a counter for $22 more. Later my husband began another
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