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  1. Started bidding a few days ago at $60 and got an accepted bid at $73. I was offered several times to increase my bid to $80 to try again right away. I was actually really hoping for the Crowne Plaza because it was closer to where we needed to be but this isn't too far away and I think it actually looks like a nicer hotel. I used your PRICELINE link to start my bid.
  2. I pointed out the addition of this property to the Goat Island area on a different thread. It is really a shame because we could always count on getting a nice hotel in Newport in previous years. The location of this hotel is not horrible but you will probably want to take a cab to go into Newport at night because parking is very difficult / expensive downtown in the summer. The plus side is that if you want to go to 1st beach you won't have to pay for parking. Also....calling this a 3.5 star hotel is a huge stretch!
  3. Who is "they"? Betterbidding.com has a list of hotels won by other bidders. Here is the list for Goat Island - Newport and Newport Beach area: Newport (Goat Island) 3.5* Hotel Viking 3.5* Hyatt Regency REVIEW 3.5* Newport Beach Hotel and Suites 3.5* Newport Marriott 3* Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina The Newport Beach Hotel and Suites is not located on Goat Island or in downtown Newport. It is probably technically located in Middletown but it is in the area covered by this Priceline bid area and bidders have received this hotel when bidding on a 3.5 star hotel in the Goat Island area on Priceline. The name your own price zones do not match the regular Priceline.com areas. I just wanted to share that information because if I received this hotel after bidding for a 3.5 star hotel in the Goat Island area, I would be disappointed.
  4. I just wanted to point out to people who may not be familiar with the Newport area, that the Newport Beach Hotel and Suites is now being awarded as a 3.5 star hotel in the Goat Island - Newport and Newport Beach area. Previously I had only ever seen the Marriott, the Viking and the Hyatt in this star / area combination. The location of the Newport Beach Hotel and Suites is not convenient if you are looking for a hotel in walking distance to all of the shops and restaurants in Newport. Also, the quality of this hotel is far below the other three hotels. Because of this addition we decided not to bid on Priceline this year for fear of "winning" this hotel. We ended up booking the Hyatt directly on their site. They are running a stay 3 nights, get the 3rd night free promotion so our room rate (before taxes, etc.) ends up being approx. $275 / night.
  5. We have booked Newport through PRICELINE several times over the past 5 years for July 4. You need to wait until closer to the date and you can likely get a good deal. We actually have stayed at the Hyatt most years and never paid more than $150. They will not open up their inventory until much closer to the date though. Generally we book a backup hotel that we can cancel because we will go regardless and then just try PRICELINE starting a week or two before. We will be doing the same thing this summer. Good luck!
  6. While I doubt a Sheraton will be anything "special," the location is perfect and it sure beats paying $307/night! I used the PRICELINE link you provided to start all of my bids. Thank you again for the strategy.
  7. My bid was accepted at $195 and I received the Shereton New York Hotel and Towers. Thank you for the bidding strategy!!
  8. I clicked the link It is a big weekend because it is the weekend of the Tony awards.
  9. Hi, I am looking for some bidding strategy help. We are looking for a 4 star or higher hotel for checkin on June 11 and checkout on June 13. We are open to MTW, MTE, Times Square and Central Park South. I currently have a backup booked at the Muse for $307 per night so my max priceline bidding budget is $275/night because otherwise it isn't worth the uncertainty. I know that this is a big weekend in NYC so any advice you can give me on where, pricing wise, you have seen rooms book would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. I did end up taking the risk and I booked it. It was the Viking so it appears that they are now adding the Golf icon
  11. I went ahead and took my chances and booked it. It WAS the Viking. I booked by using the HOTWIRE link posted on this site.
  12. 08/14-08/16 2009 $239 Amenities: Smoke free rooms Fitness Pool Restaurant Business High Speed Internet Golf Nearby If it wasn't for the golf nearby I would think it was definitely the Viking but I'm not sure about that. Thanks for any help!
  13. I did use the PRICELINE link to start the purchase.
  14. Started bidding at $89 and used both rebid zones. Offer accepted at $126.
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