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  1. Thanks for a great website. Here's a tip for travelers to downtown Sacramento. If you get a stay at the Hyatt Downtown, Citizen, or Sheraton Grand on the weekend (after 4 p.m on Friday, must leave before 6 a.m Monday), you can park a few blocks away at: https://www.cityofsacramento.org/~/media/Corporate/Files/Public-Works/Publications/Parking/EastEnd-FAQ.pdf The price is $2. You will have to drop your bags at the hotel in advance or drag them a few blocks. This is a parking lot for State employees but opens to the public on the weekends. I used to work here so that's why I know about it. I feel it's safe and have left my car overnight but park at your own risk. Please check the latest information before your trip as I can't guarantee it will always allow overnight parking. You get a token upon entry that you use on exit. You can't beat the price!
  2. Originally bid on name your price for $100. Was countered at $136 but knew Express had a 4 star at a better price. Amenities listed: Pet Friendly Outdoor Pool Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Handicap Accessible Business Center $124 plus $36.97 tax and fees for $160.97.
  3. Thank you for the suggestion on calling the resort and Hotwire. I did find out that the room I purchased was at the Lodge. I also found out I would not be charged the resort fee. Then I called Hotwire. I got nowhere with the customer service representative. She basically told me I should go to the resort and after staying there, I would have an opportunity to fill out a survey if I was dissatisfied. I told her I didn't need to stay there to know I would be dissatisfied with a room equivalent to a one star motel. My husband pointed out even Motel 6 has air conditioning. I finally asked to speak to her supervisor since I could tell I would get nowhere with her. After long holds while the Hotwire supervisor straightened things out with the hotel, I was informed I could either cancel the reservations, including the insurance I purchased, or pay an extra $34.20 at check in and get a deluxe room, which are the remodeled rooms. I opted to pay the extra $34.20. I don't know if I have to pay the resort fee on top of that. I guess I'll find out at check in. I'm very satisfied with how Hotwire handled the situation. Thanks again for your suggestion. I think the bottom line here is buyer beware when booking a room in Mammoth at a 3.5 star resort. I would recommend paying a little more and booking at a 4 star resort to avoid getting the Sierra Nevada Resort Lodge rooms.
  4. My reservation says Sierra Nevada Resort and Spa. If you look at the ratings for this resort, they are all over the place. It appears to me it is a timeshare selling off their excess rooms during the non-peak time. Those who get the timeshare portion of the resort, love their stay and give it rave reviews. Those who get the Lodge, complain. I don't know for a fact that we will get a Lodge room. I am basing it on other reviews I've read from people who have booked from a third party vendor. Two in particular mention Priceline. Here's a link to a couple reviews (there are many more but you get the picture): https://www.dropbox.com/s/4xg8v7dly4yc1nu/SierraNevadaResort.docx?dl=0 I really appreciate your suggestion and will definitely take you up on it by calling the resort. Had I known there was a possibility of getting a substandard room, I would have paid $50 more to get a "real" 4 star resort. That is why I love your website. We can share our experiences -- good or bad (I've never had a bad experience and have gotten some incredible deals!) Thanks again for a great website! P.S. I ALWAYS start my bid from the link on your website (even if I don't always report my wins -- slap my hand!) and hope others do as well!
  5. Upon further research, I believe what is happening is the Hotwire reservation is with the Lodge at Sierra Nevada Resort, which is a little misleading. The rooms at the Lodge from what I've read are older and not renovated. Some posts say they smell (like mildew or previous smoking rooms) and are dirty. They don't even have air conditioning. How can Hotwire (and Priceline) rate the resort 3.5 stars and have rooms that are more in line with a 1 or 2 star room? On top of that, there is a $25 resort fee that was not revealed on Hotwire but it was on Priceline. I booked on Hotwire because I thought they didn't have the extra resort fee. I think buyers need to be aware of these misleading points. Go to the Sierra Nevada Resort website and look at their Lodge rooms before bidding. Had I known, I would have booked elsewhere but I'm stuck now. Here's what it says for amenities. Even if you stay at the Lodge section of the resort, you will have access to these amenities but you will pay $25 per night whether you use them or not. FULL AMENITIES: Shuttle, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Smoke Free, Free Internet, Hi-Speed Internet, Laundry, Golf, Spa, Childrens Activities, Free Parking, Pet Friendly, Steam Room, Sauna, Ski Rentals, Gift Shop. I can update the post once we have stayed to let folks know what to expect. I love your website and appreciate all the information, which is why I'm adding this new information that I've discovered since learning which hotel we got.
  6. Price $112 plus $27.18 tax. We also opted for the $8 cancellation insurance for a total of $147.12. Complimentary: Free Internet, Free parking Amenities: Airport shuttle, Fitness center, Pet friendly, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Self-service laundry, Smoke-free rooms
  7. This was my first bid. There is currently only one known 4 star hotel in Rancho Cordova on Price.line so it was easy to know what I would get. I placed the bid late Friday night on 3/21/14. Priceline was showing the normal price as $89 for the same night. Tax is $16.24 for a total of $76.24.
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