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  1. I was offered on hotwire for $79 a two star amenities are nonsmoking, internet and breakfast. Could that be the best western loyal? I need to know as I won't have a car and need to walk to the seattle center. Thanks
  2. This 3 star is offered on Hotwire the only amenties they list is high speed internet. Is this the Holiday Inn. I want the Homewoods or the Marqueen what should I do?
  3. I need a hotel near the seattle center walking distance safe at night will be getting out 3 am from a program there what hotel should I bid on should i do priceline or hot wire is the homewoods walking distance to the center? There is a $89 one on hotwire would that be the homewoods? Thanks
  4. Is it alright to bid using my debit card it is for my sister who will check in the room. She has a valid credit card but it won't be the same as the bic name. I can go with her when she checks in I can be there will there be a problem? Thanks
  5. Hi, I would like to bid for a hotel in Providence RI for my sister who is in London and has no time to do all this. Can I use my debit card? We have different last names! Thanks
  6. Hi I am new to bidding never have done it. I need to get a hotel room in Manhattan for my sister and two teenage daughters at the beginning of August. What is a realistic amount for a decent room for three any ideas? Thanks!
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