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  1. Have been watching and bidding for a few weeks. Memorial weekend. (typically hard to get a hotel as some baseball tournament is held there as well that weekend) Was bidding Central and Downtown zones with an occasional rebid zone of airport. I did not see this hotel on your list of priceline hotels and the 6.9 review rating is making me nervous. I thought priceline always gave you a hotel with 7 or above rating? When did that change? Today started at 60, added downtown and bid 62 and was accepted. $454 total, 3 nights, 2 rooms. IF this is a decent hotel , this is a great deal. If it sucks, well dang it.
  2. Express deals were $48 and $63 for 3 stars in this area. Only 2 rebid zones. I put in $44 and it accepted first bid. I have stayed at this hotel many times. Superb deal for this property .
  3. After several failed bid attempts, almost a dozen (apparently my credit card was getting denied for some reason) I won this hotel. I had to delete my CC info and re-add and then it accepted it first bid. So I probably could have entered a lower number actually. With tax $74.28. (express deals were 95 and 108 for 3 star. This hotel listed at $119) I did see the express deal go down to $61 and $62 for 3 star hotel yesterday, but was having the issue with the credit card, so I missed that. It took 2 chats with priceline and 2 calls to my bank to resolve nothing really. So if you have a problem, delete and re-add your card I guess!
  4. Thank Aaron! I will be in a seminar all weekend and won't have time for extra curricular stuff unfortunately. Maybe next time! Thanks for the tip!
  5. Started with Madison West 3 1/2 star zone at 54. (priceline express did not have a 3 1/2 star listed but had two 3 star options at $86 and $68 for this zone) I added 3 star level bid 55 added middleton bid 57 added airport bid 58 added columbus bid 60 accepted I am attending a seminar in Lodi that weekend and did not want to stay at a 2 star property there. Very happy with my win. Exactly what I was hoping for!
  6. Started at $60. After first bid it offered to up my price to $85. Went up in $5 and $3 increments using rebid zones. Published price was $134 on priceline, PRICELINE EXPRESS deal (likely this hotel) was $90. I usually don't book my hotel this far in advance (2 months) so while its a good price, I was hoping for less. I was actually hoping to get the other 3 1/2 star in this area, as that is where my conference is. But I'm only a few miles away so it works. Thanks for all you do Better Bidding staff!
  7. After monitoring PRICELINE EXPRESS deals and waiting the time limit to rebid.....re-bid for 4* bloomington at $70 and won first try. Wondering now if I could have bid less! Not sure what time they switch those deals but maybe around 9:30 pm central time? I still don't know what event is in town.
  8. 4* july 15-7, 2016 Preferred zone bloomington, MN, secondary mall of America (for a work seminar). Started at $74 and used rebid zones until $101. Have used priceline and stayed here several dozen times and pretty much know what hotels I will get. Must be an event in town???? What event has hotelshotels so high? I do not want to stay downtown and pay for parking. Corporate rate at Hilton bloomington directly is still $169 a night. Will try again when time limit lifts but won't got over $115/ night. May cancel going to seminar.
  9. Started bid at $66, used rebid zones (plus downtown) offer accepted at $75. PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for this hotel was $78, list price $98. I bid specifically for this hotel (this time) so I was willing to use express if needed. Location is the biggest plus on this hotel. Close to food/shopping/my seminar location. Have stayed here several times. Pretty average other than location.
  10. Watched for a few days before I bid. Large conference going on that weekend.
  11. Same hotel (i think) was $57 in PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals. Tried $47 first, added re-bid zone (fridley) and $50 was accepted.
  12. Started at $75 with West Desmoines zone. Added zones airport, downtown, jordan creek, raising price each time. Got Sheraton West Desmoines for $85. PRICELINE EXPRESS deal was $93 for I think this same hotel. State fair is in town so that's probably why so high.
  13. Started with area 8 at $70 (advertised price $209 on Price.line). Added area 9 for $74, then area 11 for $78, then finally accepted after adding area 1 at $80. (pl Express price was $92 for a 4* downtown Denver) I am beyond happy because my conference is at the attached Colorado convention center! Yay!
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