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  1. PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal Advertised as saving 38% $50, 14.97 taxes and fees for a total of $64.97. Only saved about $3 as PRICELINE was advertising this hotel for $53 as part of a loyal customer saving of 33%. Needed a quick stop and sleep spot on our drive to Minneapolis for the Sunday Night NFL game. Go Packers. Amenities Free parking Free Breakfast Pets Allowed Swimming Pool Airport Shuttle Fitness Center Restaurant
  2. Booked for the Vikings/Green Bay Game. Had a 10% off Priceline Coupon for Express deals so made 174.60 pre tax. Total $244.52 after taxes. Amenties Listed -Pets Allowed -Fitness Center -Restaurant -Business Center -No Smoking Rooms/Facilities
  3. Free Internet Free Parking Pool Restaurant 63/night 3 nights used the board PRICELINE EXPRESS link for an extra 5% off too total after taxes and fees $208.53
  4. Bid $95 for same area and criteria a few days ago and wasn't accepted. Rebid today, $100. Not a huge savings as list price was $138 and a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for the same Stars and Area was also $100 (which I presume was the same hotel). Offer Price:$100.00/night Number of rooms:1 Room Number of nights:1 Night Room Subtotal:$100.00 Taxes & Fees:$19.41 Total :$119.41
  5. Attempted bidding, but ran out of areas I was willing to accept/rating options and coming up close to the PRICELINE EXPRESS prices anyways. Checked out Priceline Express, and there was a 3 Star, Guest rating 9 or higher/Guest Favorite with the following Guaranteed Amenities: Free Breakfast Free Internet Pets Allowed Pool Business Center A little more than I was expecting to spend going into the hotel search, apparently Boulder is an expensive place to be, but still $40/night less than advertised price. After doing more looking, the hotel will be perfect as it is walking distance to the seminar I am attending for the weekend!
  6. Amenities Shown in PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal were Free Internet Free Parking Pet Friendly Indoor Pool Shuttle Gym Business Center
  7. Needed something cheap, as I'm volunteering for the Crossfit Regional Competition going on this weekend. Attempted Name your own price, but kept getting rejected ($45 $47 and $50), running out of preferred areas to add so flipped over to PRICELINE EXPRESS and my minimum requirements at $55 so went this route. 3 Nights $165 Taxes $36.48 Total $201.48
  8. Started with $45 and increased bid by $5 and added areas. Only $9 less than the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal but still pretty happy with it. This one wasn't on the hotel listing but still happy with a 3 star and still half the cost of a lot of other places in the area. Getting in late and getting up early so don't need anything too special. Check in 1/15/15 Check out 1/16/15 1 Room $60 14.17 taxes and fees 74.17 total cost My 3rd time using link here! And been very happy with all the info provided on this website! Loving the new Priceline Maps too!
  9. Yes I think it must be the Cranberry Township, I think I was thrown off by the Sheraton Pittsburgh North part, but after mapping it to our destination in Ohio I realized it is Cranberry.
  10. Original bid was $10/day for a compact, was accepted and then offered $2/day for a midsize, and decided it was probably worth it as my travel companion is 6'4" so he'd appreciate the slightly bigger space. Total after taxes and fees $97.48. As always used the Priceline link here! Thank you
  11. Used [url=]PRICELINE[/url] link here for bidding in Pittsburgh. Started with $40 and ended up with $70 which was my cut off, since there was a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal for $72 in similar area. Ended up 330.88 after taxes. Also bid for a mid-size car and got that for $12/day, for a total of 97.48 after taxes and fees! 2nd time bidding and overall very pleased with the amount of money I've saved! Definitely like all the resources available on this site! Thanks!
  12. Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Guests Per Room: 2 Number of Nights: 2 Room Subtotal: $240.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $42.70 (USD) Total Charged to Card: $282.70 (USD) Started from $95 with $5 increments and added South Beach & Downtown zones until I hit $120. About $79/night less then hotel's direct site. Marriott Miami Airport 1201 NW Le Jeune Road Miami, FL 33126