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  1. All bids through your [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link Tried multiple times for Salem: 6/6: $60/night 6/20 $68 " 6/21 $72 " 6/23 $76 " 6/28 $78 " After this last rejection, in order to try same day, I added Danvers and upped the price to $82/night. This was accepted. After fees and taxes, final price is $193.48 for 2 nights. I was hoping for the Salem Region. But I can't complain about the Doubletree. Unfortunately, the history doesn't help much for Salem, aside from what NOT to expect success from, and since there were no lower bids for Danvers doesn't help there; sorry for that lack of info, but I really wanted to get this booked today.
  2. Attempted a low first bid (60/night) and was rejected. Will be coming back a bit higher in the next day or so. But I do have a question: I connected through your quick quote link. When I go back, should I again use your link? I get the "Try again" email from Priceline as well, which is convenient, but I worry that if I use that link, it will no longer be a referral for your site.
  3. Amenities listed: Free InternetPet friendly Boutique Hotel Airport Shuttle Smoke Free Rooms Fitness CenterRestaurant(s)Business CenterInternet access Golf Nearby
  4. Used the top deal after clicking through to HOTWIRE from your link. Will be in RI for the Newport Jazz Festival, and nothing is to be had for a reasonable price in Newport, so I will drive a bit from Providence instead. The top deal said 4* for 113/night yesterday, as opposed to the "regular price" of $194 (with the hint that "the last person got the Hotel Providence"), but I got caught up in some business, and when I came back and tried again, it was saying 149/night. I was patient, waited until today, and saw the same deal, this time at $118/night, with the same "hint." Got it. Now with taxes and fees, it comes to $287.90 for the two nights. Prices from the Hotel's website are ranging from $167-209 per night. I'm pleased with this deal.
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