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  1. thank you her school is at One Pace Plaza downtown. she is spending spring break with me starting on the 14th she doesn't want me to stay in her dorm even though everyone will be gone...i like the area around Rockfeller center and St Patricks I think. i haven't been to New York much but did live there in the early 80's when it wasn't safe like it is now
  2. I am visiting New York city and arriving 3/13 and staying until 3/22nd. My daughter lives in a college dorm downtown but wants to stay with me for the time I am there. I can get some college discounts on hotels but they aren't as much as hotwire or priceline. She wants me to get midtown, preferably around Rockfeller center area, I realize we may get only one bed, we can share, hopefully we can get a queen at least. I can't decide what to do, I would take something as low as 3.5 stars, such as a doubletree, we will be taking the subways and need internet, so I can also keep up on some work. Any suggestions, would help, I would consider breaking up time in two hotels, but don't really want to move around a lot, I would prefer something under $276 a night with taxes. The less the better, however it is New York. We did stay at the doubletree in times square a couple of years ago (4 of us) and it cost $600 a night, I can't afford this on this trip with all that college tuition I am paying. thanks everybody. should I wait longer to start looking and just go for something the week before? I have used your site before but not for new York city, I realize the rooms are small and smaller....ha.
  3. tried to add 2 more days to the end, since I now figured I needed a room so I wouldn't have to sleep in a chair at the hospital and my husband should be out the 2nd night. Said could only extend for $257 a night plus taxes, so I didn't do it, guess I will rebid on something else in the area.
  4. tried at $76, no luck, added marina, tried $99, no luck, added Embaradarro, got at $121. We like this as we have to be at Mt. Zion Hospital Center nearby the next morning for pre-op, and wanted to be close. arriving from Alaska after traveling all day and evening to get there. As shown in previous bid, won Grand Hyatt in Embaradaco 3/26, 3/27 for $104.00, going to extend that if still allowing to, as my husbands surgery is 3/28th and I may not be staying in the hospital all night. Going to Napa Valley to visit a relative in between these dates. That relative is having brain surgery in SFO 3/21st. Hope to have a little fun, even though we are there for cancer surgery. Gotta stay postive when life gets tough. :) Bid thru your PRICELINE link...thanks for the help and encouragement
  5. Thanks, my husband and I are flying from Alaska for prostate cancer surgery at UCSF on the 28th, so this will be a nice comfortable stay. Someone told us this was a good area to book in. Thanks again.
  6. Cant speak for the old Maui Prince, but its on a killer slice of beach, and it wouldn't be bad. Wailea is all nice if its on the beach. They have a great walking path. The Grand Wailea has the best spa I have ever been to in my life, we went last year, but stayed in South Kiehi that time.
  7. I just bid $100, didn't get, then bid $105 and won it on priceline we are just staying one night, as we are then going to the Marriott Maui Ocean Club in Lahina. Do go to Mulgeens on the Blue, they have a wonderful Halloween party, they are in Wailea across almost from the Marriott. I was there last year. If you get the Marriott we will be there 10/29, maybe we can have a drink together. Good luck....its 22 here today, I cant wait for Maui. Maui is the end of my working summer treat......
  8. Bid $95, rebid $100, not accepted. Waited a couple of days, bid $105, was accepted. There is a $15 parking fee as well. Wanted to be in South Kiehi or Wailia, so picked this resort area, as I love their walking path overlooking the beaches and hotels. Only staying one night, as then moving to Lahina for the week at Maui Ocean Club Mariott (timeshare vacation club, we don't own it, just using the week) and the big Lahina Holloween party. Since this is only my husband and myself, with the kids at home, it will be a nice week. I appreciate all you help, I have used you several times over the years. Thank you.
  9. I first bid on resorts and decided to bid low to start with since I have a few weeks. I bid $111, then added Beach area for $115 ,added again to $124 I believe, then went to $128 including the Marina. My daughter came in just as I was bidding so I got distracted. anyway, hopefully it will work out. I do plan on going around the Island some, but mostly just doing R&R. good thing I like to walk, as I can see I will have to do some of that. I mostly want to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. I live in Alaska and its still 40 here. Tried to get my husband to come, but he begged off. I stayed at the Hapuna Prince last year, that was wonderful, and got through PL and your SB.
  10. Well I know nothing about this hotel, and I see some aren't too thrilled with it in the posts. Hope to like it. Going by myself to relax for a week, not planning on renting a car, I do like to walk, planning on people watching, lounging and shopping a little. I will do a report when I get back. This is going to be a Mothers Day gift to myself from my kids.
  11. Shearton in Burlingame at SFO Airport. Got this on 1st try, 2 nights before needing. Guess the bid might have been too high since I was not expecting to get a 4* and thought I would have to settle for a 3*. For my husband who has an early flight out of San Francisco Airport. Used Savings Barn to go to Priceline. Thanks for your useful site
  12. Bid $42, asked to up bid $12. which we did and got Holiday Inn for $54. Cheapest price on their web site seems to be $81. I stayed there in 2006 and the room was nice and the desk people helpful and nice. Shuttle came to the airport timely.
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