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  1. Thank you :) There is a small cancelling fee on the Expedia offer. But not much. The $38/day is all incl. I cant see how much the tax is. (I'm looking at the danish Expedia site, just to check I looked up the offer on the US site and apparently there is around 70$ in difference between the US site and the DK site, and the DK site says tax are included, so it can't be that.) The total on the DK site is 311$ from 27th dec at noon to 4th jan at noon. and the US site is 378$ for the same period. But what is a realictic starting bid? Should I start with 15$ and then go slowly up, or is that totally unrealistic? I'm out quite early I know, but thought why not start now. I'll use the links here when booking...
  2. Hi Guys I'm going to Fort Myers at Christmas, and wondering what rates to expect on a mid sized car. I'll be renting from 27th dec until 4th jan. Most sites say around 38-45$ incl tax per day(cheapest I've found was Expedia with 38$ a day). Is that what to expect? Any suggestions on a good but realistic starting bid? Thanks in advance /Pfriis