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  1. started at 3.5 stars for meadowlands at 55 rejected added east rutherford and 3* for 56 rejected added 2.5 and increased bid to 60 and won my hotel!
  2. I did use the links for my original purchase as I've always just stalked the site in the past and never signed up to join. After doing some research last night on here I decided why not join and help out? The date of purchase was today 10/14 for stay of one night on 10/15. I travel a ton for work so expect lots more posts from me!
  3. First bid was 52 Columbia North only 3star Added Columbia South and raised by $5 and got Holiday Inn Not much of a difference from the website $98 but still better than full price. Maybe if Holiday Inn had a good rewards program it may make sense to book through them but I'll never use a hotels home site to book if I don't have to.