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  1. So I changed the dates Got the New Yorker - $140/night Aug 2-Aug 5 Hopefully a decent place to stay! Thanks for your help and I used the PRICELINE links at the top!
  2. I think I'll go for that tomorrow. One thing that kept popping up periodically was a 'one time offer' to increase my bid between x and y without having to change any other parameters. Is this a true indication of what may be acceptable?
  3. Thanks for the info - but no such luck. I'll either have to pay more or try again tomorrow (or both) Argh!
  4. Hi there I'm trying to find a four star hotel or better in New York from July 30-Aug 4 - Budget is about $155 or so? Maybe $160? The areas I'd be willing to stay in are: Chelsea Empire State Bldg MSG Soho Midtown East or West Any advice would be awesome. Thanks in advance.