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  1. Thanks for the advice for currency. This was the first time using hotwire. I will remember to change in the future.
  2. Was trying to get the hotel from HOTWIRE for 52 dollar, but after going through the booking it was no longer available and we did not "win" it. Tried again but the price came up as 54. The booking went through. After winning it shows up again at 52 (annoying and the usual "luck"). I was a little bit surprised about the hotel as I thought we would get Days Inn based on the amenities and hotel rating. (I now see that the pet friendly does not match). After reading reviews on tripadvisor I am a little bit scared to bring the kids but hey, I guess you get what you pay for and it is only one night. Amenities listed: Free parking Free breakfast Pet Friendly Airport shuttle Fitness Center Business Center Laundry Facilities High Speed Internet access On a different note I was bidding on PRICELINE for a 3 star hotel up to $58 with no success and not even counteroffer, same night.
  3. Here is an update for what we will do for our trip to Seattle June 28-July 1. Not sure if I am posting in the right place and this is sort of a continuation of an earlier thread in General Priceline Tips. I wanted to share my experience even though my bids were not approved. We ended up not winning a hotel with PRICELINE but booked at Hilton Bellevue directly for $99/night. We started that search by using the Support page. Hilton's new parking fee ($15) is annoying but we can park with friends. We were bidding at 3+ hotels in Bellevue and started off with $45/night (very low I know but you got to start somewhere :) ) and went up to $75 one dollar at the time using your described rebidding strategy. Last bid was 4 nights before check-in. Priceline did not even counteroffer any of the bids so I assume the accepted offer would be much higher.
  4. Thanks for your fast reply. We will hope for the best then. We are looking to go to Seattle for the Canadian July 1st long weekend. We have often ended up at Hilton Bellevue in previous years and liked it, but I have not seen any wins for that property lately. So perhaps it is time for us to try something new. If we win at a reasonable price that is. I started bidding on PRICELINE last night and will post in the forum once we are successful or decide to do something else.
  5. (I have used Priceline before and used to be a member at this board. I have now forgotten my login and have started a new profile.) So my previous Priceline experience have been with just one infant and that was no problem. We now have 2 small kids and my question is if a hotel can turn us away because we are 4 people? As priceline are just guaranteeing double occupancy in the room. I know that we could get a queen bed and we are fine sleeping in it all 4 of us. I am just worried that the hotel will turn us away. Thanks for any insight. I always use the Priceline link or hotwire link to start my travel search.
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