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  1. Update, a year late.... the Crown Plaza turned out to be a very nice property. However, we did not like the location due to it being too far to walk to anything good, but Uber’s are all over the place, so our situation was remedied by summoning Uber to take us around. Room was very clean, but there was no place to sit in the lobby upon arrival from the cruise port since it was an extremely busy Sunday during peak season in Ft Lauderdale, and since we arrived around noon, the place was teeming with many people waiting for shuttles to the cruise port. After checking in we were told that our room was not yet ready, so they told us to wait upstairs, well, there was only one little bench, so we waited for around a half hour and they called us and told us that they had a room ready for us. Bathrooms nice and clean and modern. Room very large. Had a nice corner room On site restaurant was terrible! Small. Overpriced menu. Go to Las Olas instead and do not waste your time at that place. Worst keylime pie martini EVER!!! i would stay here again if it was the only choice, but we prefer the Hyatt Place or the Riverside. Great shuttle driver at this place though for our return to the airport.
  2. Used your HOTWIRE link with the $15 off coupon. Price was $123 before coupon, and a total of $135 with taxes and fees. we’ve stayed here twice before and enjoyed it. The rooms in the classic original tower are a little rustic but clean. Some locationx are more preferable than others. Our room last Oct smelled very moldy, but it was a few weeks after the hurricane so I think that had something to do with it. The room the year before had no smell Issues. The staff here are very accommodating and have let us into our room as early as 9:30 and 10:00 am in the past after disembarking the cruise ship. The restaurant on site is very good, and there are several excellent restaurants within walking distance. We also love their quaint little pool here. Their concierge always is very accommodating securing us transportation to the airport. They have a service that charges a flat rate of $25 per van to take us to the airport. Uber at that time if the morning always charges surge rates which run around the same. I highly recommend the Riverside’s transportation company. We paid the same rate in 2016 and again in 2017. We used a coupon both times before, too. Amenities Business centerFitness centerGolf nearbyPet friendlyPool(s)Restaurant(s)Smoke-free rooms Free Internet 85% recommended Hot rate hotel Price summary (USD) Room price 123.00 (123.00 per night) Taxes and fees 27.82 Hotwire Coupon - 15.00 Total (USD) 135.82 Hotel amenities Free Internet, Pet friendly, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Golf nearby, Accessible bathroom, Roll-in shower
  3. Imagine my surprise when I was just SURE that this hotel would be the Riverside! ? well, I mistakenly overlooked the fact that room choice option is also available at hotels other than the Riverside with the Riverside, the room choice options (I've since learned) include "superior city view." even more ore strange was when I went back into the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals to do another "mock" booking for thecsame date, the price increased from $139 to $158 within 10 minutes and now said that the savings was 34%. My win indicated 22% savings, so I thought huh? On further notice, I saw that the $158 price was the Riverside (due to the superior city view clue) i just just included this so that others are aware that 3.5 category on your list should also include Crowne Plaza. That said, the price on Crowne's own site is currently at least $180, and it does appear to be a very nice hotel. Now I am wondering if the $5 price that I paid for insurance through PL's carrier would allow me to cancel, or what proof they would require if not, no big deal. I have always been very lucky and very happy with whatever hotel I've gotten, and the great thing is we are VERY close to the airport so we won't have to get up quite as early AND we will save money with cab fare ? AMENITIES ON CROWNE PLAZA SEEMED IDENTICAL TO RIVERSIDE, also, Riversidegets a 7/10 and I THINK but am not sure, that the Crowne gets 8/10, but since the option has disappeared from the inventory I can't attest to that for sure and I did use your link ?
  4. I did a mock booking again and got the same exact amenities listed, even after pressing the tab with the drop down menu i don't have a Hotwire PW to get into my profile on HW though so I can't check . I have a receipt through email from Hotwire, but the amenities are as I listed. I can can reactivate my PW tomorrow though and check my account on HW
  5. Hi, I did use your site's link will answer your other question later after I check
  6. Amenities: Very pleased to have landed this hotel. On the hotel's own website they are asking $229 a night On PRICELINE EXPRESS it is currently $140 plus taxes ($165) Cost summary 1 night Hot Rate® Hotel@ $109.00/night$109.00 Tax recovery charges & fees$24.12 Subtotal$133.12 Hotwire Total$133.13 Complimentary Free Internet Amenities Business centerFitness centerPet friendlyPool(s)Restaurant(s)Smoke-free rooms Accessibility Accessible bathroom
  7. A RESORT would be the Sheraton, Westin, Hyatt or one of the big-name hotels. 3.5 star would not be a resort, yet the hotel or condo is calling itself a resort. 3.5 could be something like Kaanapali Villas. Because a kitchenette is mentioned, it's most likely a little condo or a studio of some sort. My guess woul be that it's located north of Black Rock in Kaanapali, meaning you wouldn't be in the heart of Kaanapali beach near Whaler's Village, but to the north of that area, which is still very nice, but the beach isn't as nice. It's a narrower beach north of Black Rock, unless you are at the Royal Lahaina. If you want to be on the good part of Kaanapli Beach there is a hotel called the Kaanapali Beach Hotel which is in a fabulous location, but the pool is bare bones. However, there's a very nice lawn area with plenty of trees for shade; it's considered the most Hawaiian hotel on Maui. It's rough around the edges. I've never stayed there but know plenty of people who have. It won't be a Sheraton or a Hyatt, but it will be reasonably priced and gets good reviews on the various trip review web sites. I believe KBH Hotel comes up on HOTWIRE as a 3.5 star sometimes. Resort fees at this hotel are not $25 a day like they are at all the other hotels either
  8. FYI: I just punched in your travel dates over on Hotwire, and a 4* resort property is listed at $176 per night, which is either the Sheraton or the Westin, so if Hotwire is listing it at $176 per night, then you could bid 10 to 15% less over on Priceline and probably win it. I always use Hotwire as a barometer as to what I wish to do. If you don't want to go the PRICELINE route, then you could just choose the 4* for $176 a night on HOTWIRE and be done with it? If you're saying you've been bidding for 2 weeks and you're not getting any hits at $150 or under, then maybe you could just bid $152 per night on PRICELINE and it might be accepted. $176 minus 10% is approx $158 a night and 15% less brings it down to $149, so if that didn't work for you, maybe you could bid somewhere midway between -- or just call it a day and bid $155 outright and be done with it. The Sheraton was going for $154 per night around 8 years ago, just to put things in perspective, and that was a great deal then. good luck --
  9. I was one who scored a RESORT in Maui for 9 nights for $118 per night, but that is extremely rare to get such a low price. I booked it around 3 weeks ago and others have had success. I landed the Sheraton while another poster landed the Hyatt. I decided to bid on PRICELINE $118 since I'd noticed a 4 star property in Kaanapali, which I figured was either the Sheraton or the Westin, was going for $131 a night. Previously, it had been going for $182 a night. Within 10 days of my bidding and winning the Sheraton on PRICELINE, I noticed that Hotwire increased the price for their 4* from $131 to $138 back to $133 back up to $138, then right back up to $182 per night, eventually dropping to $176 per night, so you see, the prices are all over the place. I too am surprised that you can't get a better deal for late Sept/early October. Perhaps you could just keep a watchful eye on prices over on HOTWIRE, and if they drop significantly, then that would be your cue to bid even lower on PRICELINE. Sept/Oct is not usually the crowded season in Maui. I guess it just depends on conventions, room blocks for weddings, et cet. One other thing: $118 is an extremely low price I was shocked that it would be accepted; the norm for me has been to bid around $185 a night and win Hyatt -- four years ago we won the Westin for $125 a night, but that is not necessarily the norm. I agree with THEREUARE, if you are willing to start your bidding higher, say, $145 up to $165, you'd proably have a much better chance. $115 seems overly optimistic. I remember a time when we thought $220 a night was a great deal for a Kaanapali resort property, and that was 10 years ago. I thought $185 a night was excellent in 2009, so you would still be getting a tremendous deal if you were to win a property for between $150 and $175.
  10. YOU STILL GOT A PHENOMENAL DEAL FOR THIS PROPERTY :) Eight years ago the same property was going for $154 on Hotwire. To me, anything $200 or under is a very good rate. Anything under $150 for this area is a GREAT rate, and anything $125 and under is a STEAL! :D
  11. I'm NEARLY positive this is the Sheraton. I won it on Priceline last week for $118 a night. We are going from 8/27 to 9/05 and I'd been tracking prices via HOTWIRE. Last week a 4 star in Kaanapali on Hotwire dropped from $182 a night to $131 per night. This week the price has been incremently climbing again, and today I notice it's $138. Because I had a very keen sense that this was the Sheraton, OR the Westin, I decided to lowball Hotwire's $138 per night bid and bid $112 per night on Priceline for a RESORT category room in KAANAPALI - LAHAINA. My bid was NOT accepted, so I did a free RE-BID by ADDING Kahului [airport zone] since I know for a fact there are no RESORTS near the airport. I also increased my bid to $118 and it was accepted!!! I have already posted over in the Priceline/Hawaii forum on this board. You will see that others have landed the $118 a night rate, too! Good luck. By the way, I have stayed at the Westin as well and it's a wonderful property, too, also on a PRICELINE bid a few years back. You won't be sorry with either property. One important thing to keep in mind: Hotwire lists this property as a 4 star, but on Priceline you will need to choose the RESORT category, not the 4 star category if you wish to land the Westin or the Sheraton on PRICELINE
  12. I wish you all the best. I realize I erred once again. I stated that the total price for 9 nights was $1,275. Actually, it was ONLY $1,230, or a whopping $136 per night INCLUDING taxes!! The $1,275 figure includes the $5 per night insurance I bought through PC's web site, just in case. One thing to keep in mind with Hawaii prices, particularly Maui, high season is December through March [or April if Easter falls in April] so finding a rock-bottom price from Christmas through Easter is not quite as easy to come by. Hotels are usually pretty full during that time period, so not as much incentive to reduce to a lower rate. I wish you good success. : )
  13. This is a RESORT property though, not a 4 Star : ) Glad you got a great deal, too!
  14. It's so nice to see others getting this deal, too. In my excitement I forgot to mention that the room is $118 per night, total $1,275.75. Sub-total was $1,107 plus $168.75 fees. Also, I did opt to take the $5 per night travel insurance for this trip since it is as competitive as the other insurance I usually buy separately. This is probably the 5th of 6th time winning a great property in Hawaii via Priceline or Hotwire.
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