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  1. Got it at $80 on my first try. (Why oh why didn't I bid $70?) At least their website shows a rate of $299 a night - makes me feel a little bit better. :) Thanks for all the info! (ETA, I mangled the title/subtitle. If someone can help me fix it, it should be $80, 9/18-9/20/10)
  2. Review Posted Overall rating = 2 thumbs down. :)
  3. We stayed here 2/26/06 - 3/3/06, and we are very sorry for that fact. We won on a bid of $50 for 5 nights. The rate on their site was $79/night, including a cocktail reception that we didn't get. We got there and checked in with Yonique. She was polite but not very personable. We asked for a Magic Kingdom fireworks-view room, which she was very nice to help put us in. We were assigned room 602, just off the elevator on the 2nd-from-the-top floor. She said to stop in at a little booth around the corner for some welcome package. You could buy tickets at the booth, but of the 2 women there one was on the phone and the other didn't know how to sell tickets. We went back to our car and drove around to the back to get to our room (in the North Tower). As you walk up to the doors the building looks worse and worse - peeling stucco, dirt/mold up the sides of the building, and horridly dirty windows. The back door had no hotel personnel presence (it went straight to the elevators) and was not locked the entire time we were there. It was a bit creepy to tell the truth. The elevators were quick but a little grimy, with the buttons being quite well worn. We laughed a bit at the decor of the elevator - typical hotel style, but with a chrome diamond-plate ceiling. We got to our room and realized it was a double-double. Since this was our 1-year anniversary trip we weren't going to settle for that. I called down and asked if we could be put into a King and was informed that it would be $10 more per night because it was a Sleep Number bed. We were not happy with this arrangement, but it was the only option. We switched rooms to the 4th floor - room 404. Still a fireworks view, just not as good of one. There was no offer to help us move our bags. When I went down to the counter to get the new keys Yonique did not recognize me from 10 minutes ago, but that's fair enough. We got to our new room and everything looked OK at first. The room was a good size, and the bed had new white linens & a fluffy comforter. The first thing we did was try to access the internet to check if the hotel normally charged $10 extra for a King room. We couldn't get connected to the wireless for 20 minutes on either of our laptops. I would say it was user error, but my husband is a computer repair and network technician and has been for a number of years. We continued to have problems with the internet connection the entire stay. Eventually we did find that they do charge $10 more for the King, so I felt a bit (but not much) better. We played around with the Sleep Number bed (quite the novelty - it's an adjustable, 2-celled airbed essentially). It was cool at first, but it turns out that you can't cuddle on it since adding weight to one cell increases the pressure and makes the bed a rock. Then when you roll back to your own side of the bed the other person kind of sinks on their side. If you've ever slept on an airbed with another person you know what I'm talking about - if one person is on the bed and another person sits or lays on it, the first person gets kind of bounced around. Not my idea of a romantic anniversary stay, especially when you pay $50 more for it. :) Next we continued to explore the room. There was a mini fridge in a cabinet, which was nice. However, not much thought was put into its placement. The doors open opposite to each other, so you had to open the cabinet door completely before you could even crack open the fridge. Trivial, but it added into the dissappointment. Next to the fridge was the A/C unit. We had no problems with the unit itself. The enclosure for it was falling apart and the paint was blistering up off it from what looked like water damage. The windows were grossly dirty. There was significant water damage to the walls on either side of the window. We started looking for outlets for the computers. I plugged my cable (just the cable, no computer attached) into a wall socket and it sparked and the lights dimmed. :o My husband found another outlet behind the bed... it had an orange 1-to-3 socket plugged into it, with all 3 sockets having lamps plugged into them, and the whole shebang squished into a 45-degree downward tilt by the bed pushing against it!!! Scary! We found another plug on the wall under the desk with carpeting simply cut around it. Needless to say, we used that one. The TV and stand were nice, and the closet was pretty standard. No complaints there. The bathroom was horrible though. First, when opening, the edge of the door comes within 4" of the front of the toilet seat. Just weird. The "marble" countertop turned out to be black plastic with white paint artistically spattered across it. The overhead flourescent light was set into a 3-sided surround, and the light was drooping out of its housing. The area above the light was really gross - dusty with peeling wall texture stuff. The vent, the door frame, the towel rack, the shower curtain track, and the door hinges all had extensive rust. The vent also had a whoooooole lot of dust. The caulk around the tub and the floor was gray & black with mold/mildew. The tub itself was clean though. The tub was at a 45-degree angle with a curtain that followed the curve of the tub edge. The curtain was very thin and filmy, and was about 1" too short to make it into the tub, so there was water all over the floor after every shower. The offset angle put you in a position that while you were close to the spigot/shower head rinsing your hair the shower curtain clung to the left side of your body. It was just so dissappointing. I've stayed in a Super 8 that had better respect for their property than this place did. Anyway, we took tons of pictures and will probably post them eventually. When that happens I'll try to remember to post the link. On the plus side... the pool area was very nice. The pool was heated and very clean. There were plenty of chairs and a nice landscaping job. We had breakfast at the restaurant one day. It was a bit pricey, but there was a lot of food. The service was QUITE lacking though. The hotel has the potential to be really nice, but they've just kind of let it run down. Every hotel staff person we ran into was disinterested and none were outright helpful. We got our bill under the door on the last day, and there was a $3.96 resort fee charged for each night. I know that this is part of the Priceline agreement, but I was pretty miffed at paying $60 already for a sub-par room, plus the fact that this fee was not disclosed at check-in. I successfully fought to have this "fee that everyone in the Orlando area charges, that covers the shuttle service, restaurant service, and phone usage" removed. Who charges a fee to use their overpriced restaurant!?!?! I would say this hotel was just barely worth the $60 per night we paid. I would never stay here again, nor would I recommend this hotel. I wish I would've just ponied up for a 4* in the first place. Lesson learned... :)
  4. Stayed 2/25/06, paid $50 (or $52, can't remember) for the night. Overall we were pretty under-impressed. The room was about what I would normally pay $50-$65 for, nothing really special. Had I been charged the $175 that our checkout bill said was the normal rate, I would've been quite offended. It's like you're paying $110 extra for the prettiness of the lobby. The front entrance was completely blocked up when we arrived, so we decided to just park and then go to check in. After some confusion with the attendant, we finally figured out that if you drive around to the back of the lot you'll find the rear entrance, which is just a short escalator ride from the front desk. Checkin was pretty mechanical, nothing exciting there. We asked for a king and were given one with no problems. Like I said, the room was pretty standard. The most impressive thing in it was the breakfast menu - $11 for a donut and coffee!!! The most memorable thing was the $100 they wanted for a fifth of Jose' Cuervo tequila. The bathroom was OK. It had Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries. The tub, toilet, and vanity are all in the same room, with a mirror over the wetbar outside the bathroom. No real complaints on any of the bathroom. There are a ton of restaurants right around the hotel, and your parking pass (I think it was $6 or $8) has in-and-out priveledges. The restaurant prices & choices were a bit high for us, so went out and had a wonderful meal at Malone's across the street. Internet was $9.95 wireless which we opted not to purchase. Overall, I would've preferred to stay in a less full-of-itself hotel. We felt really out of place. We passed a couple of families coming in the back door with pizza or leftovers and my husband joked that this lower-level back-door was like the place they routed the people they weren't too proud of. You had to go out of your way to get up to the pretty lobby level. Just kind of cold and weird overall, but no outright complaints.
  5. We stayed at the Evergreen on 3/3/06 on our way back to Indiana from Florida. I would say that overall it is the best hotel I've ever stayed in. We stayed in a 5th floor double with a parking lot view. There is a lot of landscaping and the hotel is located within a park, so you don't feel like you're looking over some grimy industrial lot. Every room has a small balcony with a couple of plastic patio chairs and a small plastic table. The heavy curtains did a great job of blocking out the light as we slept in on the last day of our vacation. The beds were very comfortable. The linens were nice with soft, heavy sheets and a fluffy down comforter. Bathroom had Neutrogena toiletries. Tub was not bad, shower liner was better than most. Tub, toilet, and vanity were all in one room. Vanity was granite with a large mirror and was well lit. The decor had a comfortable outdoors-y feel to it, in keeping with the overall feel of the park. Room service was on time and very reasonably priced. We had a large club sandwich w/ coleslaw and fries, a pulled pork sandwich w/ fries, red velvet cake, a Bud Light and iced tea for $37 including tax & tip. Granted, that's way more than I would ever spend in a "normal" place, but it's the best value I've seen for room service. On the down side, you have to pay for internet access, and it's not wireless. We were charged $9.95. They do provide the cables, which is nice. You also have to pay for park admission, which was $8 per car I think. The hotel/conference center in general is quite beautiful. There is a Starbucks in the lobby and a buffet-only restaurant that overlooks the lake ($25/person for the Friday seafood buffet). The outdoor pool and hottub are both good-sized, and there is plenty of lounging area around them. The indoor pool and hottub are more moderately sized but quite functional. The fitness center is well stocked with equipment (not the 4 half-dead machines you normally find). There are 2 18-hole golf courses right down the road, one of which has a restaurant. The conference facilities are HUGE - we actually got lost when we went exploring. The park is gorgeous! We only did a drive-through on our way in and out, but we definitely plan to make the 8-hour trip back in the near future for a long weekend. It is very clean and well-maintained, and appears to have a ton of stuff to do. The laser light shows start up again on March 18 I think. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone staying in the Atlanta area that has a couple minutes to drive off the beaten path.
  6. In the MyTrips area of Priceline, it only shows 1 of the 3 wins I have. I'm logged in with the same email that all of the confirmation emails went to, and the other 2 wins will come up fine if I manually enter the request number. Is there any way to get those other 2 to show up? It's not really important, it's just that I tend to lose track of things and having all the info on one site would be nice. Maybe I've got some settings wrong or something? TIA!
  7. Tried again for the 4* downtown. Highest rejected bid was $81. After reviewing the hotels that seemed to be available and recent wins, we decided to downgrade to a 3*. Bid 1 night (6/16-6/17) at first to make sure we were OK with the hotel we got. Hotwire listed a 3.5* Customer favorite (matching Embassy Suites?) at $67/night, and a 3* Customer Favorite (matching Crowne Plaza?) at $49/night. Bid $33 3* Downtown, rejected. Added Elyria, bid $43, accepted. Searched for additional night (6/17-6/18) at same price, accepted. Worked out really well. So, in the end: 3* Cleveland (Downtown) Crowne Plaza City Center $43 ... 6/16-6/18
  8. :) Woo hoo! This is the last hotel on our Indiana-Florida-Indiana road trip. I've wanted to stay at this hotel since we visited Stone Mountain when I was 8. I saw the other post (farther down) saying they'd gotten it, so I figured I'd try. Our goal was to keep hotels <$60/night for the whole trip, but you can't blame me splurging for my life's dream, right? :) Bidding details: Stone Mountain - $55 - denied +Union - $60 - denied +Stockbridge - $65 - denied +Morrow - $70 - denied +Kennesaw - $75 - denied +Jonesboro - $81 - accepted (used the same price I saw on the other post. :o) I can't wait!!! Should be a nice break between 2 days of 9-hour drives...
  9. My worst one wasn't PL but it still illustrates the same point - DOUBLE CHECK! The hubby and I were flying to Tampa from Detroit, and I'd been looking for flights all day. I couldn't find anything under about $250. I had run a search on one of the big 3 that came up bunk, so I clicked a button on the bottom that said "try your search again." It took me back to a page to enter my info. The departure date was correct, the cities were correct, everything looked good. I changed the departure city to another acceptable airport and hit search. The fare came up at $120! Naturally I was super-excited and booked it before it vanished. :) Turns out the return date had reset itself, and the return flight left 3 hours after we arrived!!! I didn't even notice until a month or so later when I double-checked the reservation. The airline's fee to change the flight was $200 + the difference, so we ended up just booking one-way tickets home. My stupid $120 tickets ended up costing over $300. I now check the details with OCD-like dedication.
  10. Bid history: 4* ATL - $45 +Marrietta (no 4*) - $48 +Morrow (no 4*) - $50 +Downtown (has 4*) - $50 +Norcross (no 4*) - $52 - Accepted - Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotels.com price is $89, so a fair price I suppose...
  11. Good, that gives me some hope! My husband is in the wedding party. Actually, we don't know what the rate is for them. I have just enough Marriott points from work travel for 1 night stay in a level 4 hotel (like the 2 Marriotts that are downtown). We had originally said we would stay there, so we didn't need to know what the rate was at the Hyatt. I'd like to save those up though, if I can find a good deal on PL. I'm pretty sure their rate is over $100, though. They weren't expecting anyone to stay there, except some close family and friends who may be moving to that hotel the night of the reception. I've got a couple months, I'll just keep trying. At least I have that free night in my pocket!
  12. We will be in downtown Cleveland 6/16-6/18 for a wedding for very close friends. They are staying at the Hyatt Arcade, and we'd like to be close to them. We'd also like a very nice hotel for the weekend, as sort of a splurge. On their "you can see which hotel it is" option, Priceline lists only 1 4* hotel - the Renaissance - at $139. It's the only 4* Cleveland hotel they list, in or out of downtown. Last night I started bidding on a 4* in downtown. Here was my strategy until I gave up for the night: Downtown - $65 - rejected + Elyria - $68 - rejected + Independence - $70 - rejected + Westlake - $75 - rejected + Cleveland Heights - $80 - rejected Then I started thinking... if they only have one 4* hotel, will they offer any real discount for bidders? Would I have to go all the way to $139 to have it accepted? That's my real question in this thread. Also, if anyone has some good suggestions on other good downtown hotels, please let me know. Are the 3*'s generally pretty good? I'm going to continue to research, I just wanted to put that out there. Thank you!!!
  13. Hi. :) First time I've used Priceline in maybe 4 years. Scary. I didn't do this as intelligently as I should have, but now I know for next time. Searched for 3* in Disney area, $45 rejected. Added Kissimee, upped to $50, accepted. I'm not sure if they're calling the Radisson a Kissimmee (where it's at) or WDW hotel (as posted in someone's earlier win). Am I missing any vital info??? ***Edit, wrong forum! Sorry!***
  14. I'm reading this from my Courtyard in Lexington, KY (no fancy deals, just corporate travel). I was so intrigued by the topic that I went downstairs to ask the clerks. I know this isn't much of an upgradable hotel, but there are some balcony suites in here somewhere... The conversation went something like this: me: I have an odd question for you. I was reading about tipping front desk clerks in exchange for upgrades. I was wondering if you guys had any sort of policy on that? clerk: No, no policy. We generally upgrade on a first come-first-serve basis. I've never heard of anyone trying tipping for an upgrade here. I mean, sometimes we get tips from people hoping for better service, but that's what we're supposed to do anyway. We give preference to platinum members, but other than that first-come-first-served. She was really very professional-yet-candid about it. It wasn't a pre-packaged, rehearsed type of response. And I'm in my jammies so it's not like it was a Marriott Director pulling a pop-quiz or anything. :) I think I'm going to stick with GM Mike's method. I'm a wimp. :)
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