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  1. Took four tries to get this hotel room in two separate days of trying. I was very flexible in terms of location, just didn't want to pay too much. Try #1: Bid $65 in Downtown area for 4* Bid $70 and added Langley - free rebid zone Bid $72 and added North Van - free rebid zone Added 3.5* and bid $53 Bid $56 and added Coquitlam - free rebid zone Bid $60 and added City Hall - free rebid zone No luck on this try. Try #2: Bid $70 in Downtown area for 4* Bid $71 and added Langley - free rebid zone Bid $72 and added North Van - free rebid zone (frz) Try #3: Bid $62 in Downtown area for 3.5* Bid $65 and added City Hall - frz Bid $67 and added Coquitlam - frz Bid $68 and added Langley - frz Try #4: Bid $60 in City Hall for 3* Bid $63 and added Langley - frz Won the Holiday Inn Vancouver Centre on Broadway for $63/night for two nights - a 3* hotel. I'm pretty happy with this hotel - as long as it's good when I get there - because it's on a major street and within walking distance of Granville Island and not far from bussing it downtown if we don't want to use our car. Parking looks like it's $10 so that's a much better rate that downtown parking.
  2. Stayed here for just one night - Feb 2, 2009 - via PL (US$58) and would highly recommend this hotel. Valet parking was CAD$27 per day which was cheaper than going with the self-park which was $18 for half days and $5 overnight. Valet parking also had in and out privileges and the attendants were very friendly. They gave us bottles of water on our way out. We received excellent service from all hotel staff during our stay, even the housekeeping man who delivered our pack n play, high chair and outlet covers which were perfect for our 11-mo-old daughter. Mini bar fridge was available for storing our daughter's food in. Front desk staff were helpful in recommending local restaurants to eat in, and faxing and mailing a document I had to get out. I must note that when we first arrived to our room it was not what we expected, which was a two-room apartment. One room was divided by a half wall into a bed area and a living area. We immediately called the front desk to tell them this was not what we were expecting, and they moved us very quickly to a suite right beside ours that had two separate rooms. This was very helpful for our daughter's naps...she could be in the other room sleeping and we didn't disturb her. So the staff were very helpful in making things right for us right away. Upon checking in they also gave us a free cookie each and a little board book and toy boat for our daughter. This hotel is within <30 minutes walking distance to everything you'd want to see downtown, and is two blocks from the SeaBus which goes over to North Vancouver and the Lonsdale Quay. Starbucks is across the street (didn't see the Blenz mentioned above). There is a bit of a dearth of nice breakfast restaurants in the immediate vicinity (within 10 minutes' walk) but if you have a car, with your in/out privileges you can go anywhere. Or you can eat at the generic "White Spot" or any number of small coffee shops... Would highly recommend this hotel and hope I get it for future stays. Having a suite was fantastic for travel with our baby daughter. PS Make sure you ask at the front desk for any possible coupons to visit area attractions. We visited the Vancouver Aquarium and they were able to give us discount admission fee coupons ($1 off, which wasn't much, but still we took it!).
  3. Started bidding at $45 for Downtown Vancouver, 4 stars Added in City Hall as free rebid zone for $50 Added in Coquitlam as free rebid zone for $55 Added in Langley as free rebid zone for $58, and got it. So we're staying one night for $58 at the Delta Vancouver Suites, a 4* hotel. I'm really excited because we have an 11 month old child and having the extra room in the suite will be fantastic for naptimes!
  4. This is for two rooms: First tried $40 for Halifax 4* Then added in Bedford as a free rebid zone and tried $45 keeping the star level the same. Then won $50 per night per room by adding in Dartmouth as a free rebid zone keeping the star level the same. Dates of stay are Jan 2-4, 2009. Thanks!
  5. Sorry, I forgot to post my winning bid here before my trip. Winning bid was $54/night for two rooms (each) for one night. The Hilton hotel staff provided excellent customer service, and the room was fine. It was a little noisy during the night since we were on the first floor and people kept walking down the hall but overall I was very pleased with the stay and especially with the price.
  6. Started off with a $52 bid for a 4* in Vancouver - rejected. Re-bid at $55 and added Delta - rejected. Re-bid at $58 and added Langley - rejected. Re-bid at $59 and added Surrey - rejected. (Usually $60 seems to be the threshold for 4*s in Vancouver (can usually get the Westin for $60 I've found), but I thought I'd try my didn't work.) Closed browser and started again with 3* hotels. Started off with a $48 bid for a 3* in Vancouver - accepted. It makes me feel like I still paid too much, being accepted on the first 3* bid, but I'm pretty happy with the price so it all worked out. Plus, I think it's a bit closer to where I wanted to be near to in the city.
  7. I stayed at the Hyatt Vancouver on Dec 27 through Priceline (sorry, I omitted to put it on this board but I got it after a few re-bids for $65), and I thought it was a great hotel. I got one of the renovated rooms and it was quite modern. The shower water came out of the ceiling! I was on the 25th floor with a mostly city view. Would definitely stay there again.
  8. I've now tried up to $58 for Seattle airport area hotels, at the 2.5 star level. Used the University of Washington/Northgate zone as a free-rebid. The date I want is June 27 - just one night. Have been trying this for weeks! Will post again when I'm successful. Is anyone else noticing that Priceline is emailing you after a full day has passed, asking you to try to the same bid again? I thought we were supposed to wait 72 hours?
  9. Tried $34 and $35 in the same scenario as above. No luck. Will try again in a few days.
  10. Have now tried $32 and $33 for Seattle Airport at 2.5 star level with no luck for Jun 27th, one night. On second bid I added free re-bid zone of Univ. of Washington/Northgate.
  11. For a 4 star hotel in Vancouver, my first bid of $57 was rejected. Added free re-bid zone of Surrey - Pitt Meadows and second bid of $59 was rejected. Added Langley and third bid of $60 was rejected. Added Delta and fourth bid of $61 was accepted. Used Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina 1601 West George at Cardero Sts Vancouver BC 604-682-3377 Check-In Date: Apr 15, 2006 Check-Out Date: Apr 16, 2006 Subtotal $61.00 Taxes and Service Fees $14.12 Total $75.12
  12. For a 3 star hotel in Surrey - Pitt Meadows, my first bid of $42 was rejected. Added free re-bid zone of Langley and second bid of $45 was accepted. Used Sheraton Guildford Hotel (their website is calling it a 4* hotel...) 15269 104th Avenue Surrey, British Columbia V3R 1N5 Canada Check-In Date: Friday, April 14, 2006 Check-Out Date: Saturday, April 15, 2006 Subtotal $45.00 Taxes and Service Fees $12.17 Total $57.17 PS There was one additional free rebid zone that I could have used at this star level - Delta.
  13. Hi there, I tried the second scenario up to $31 and unfortunately it didn't work. I'll wait again for 72 hours and try slighter higher I suppose. Any further thoughts? Thanks.
  14. Just tried to get 4* Vancouver Downtown hotel between April 14-16, 2006. First try: $55, Vancouver Downtown zone Second try: $56, added Surrey Pitt Meadows free rebid zone Third try: $57, added Langley " Fourth try: $58, added Delta " Failed. After the first bid I got a message saying that if I added $15 now, I would likely get a hotel (without having to add zones, change dates, etc). I know I can get it for less than $70 though. I think the magic number would have been $60, but hey, I'll try again in 72 hours. ;-)
  15. Thanks! I tried the first scenario you outlined, but no luck. Will check after 72 hours and see what happens. Appreciate the help!