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  1. Add me too. I am a newbie at this travel stuff so I have been doing my research to find the best deals. I started to bid with priceline but got worried (remember I am a newbie at this stuff) and ended up getting a hotwire deal based on information here. I had asked for help on the "other bidding site" and followed up that my travel partner ending up going with hotwire. I got a snippy response and was banned.... Yikes it wasn't until I was banned and did some research that I found out how prevelant banning is on the other site. The ironic part is, the reason I have been doing all this research is of course to save myself money on travel but I had a second reason. I am writing a series of articles to place on my high traffic soccer tournament site and medium traffic community guide. I actually had a glowing review on how you could save money using this and the other site roughed out. Well guess whose review is getting tanked. I am experienced web design company owner, so I clearly understand how you make a living by recommending products and having people use the recommended links. The first lesson on business is that you should be really careful on what bridges you burn. I plan on publishing my article later this year as a "added service" to my site. I won't make money on recommending how to save money on travel but I will give my readers a reason to come back. None of my 15,000-20,000 traveling soccer parents will be pointed to that other site, but I will send them here.
  2. We are visiting IIT. We have decided to stay at the Hilton Chicago because I read quite a few reviews that complained about smaller beds and rooms at the Palmer. The other couple traveling with me prefers a larger room room because he is quite tall. The Hilton Chicago states that they have a free shuttle to Magnificent Mile. Hope I made a good choice. The Hilton is listed as: 4 star hotel in Chicago Loop (Downtown Areas), 80.00 Amenities included - Dining, Pool, Exercise and Business Center. (pool was not listed when I first looked at this a few days ago but it was there now.) Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks, I also noticed for the same dates a 4 star with restaurant, fitness and business center for 81. It also has a Best Value showing in the corner. Looking at the lists could it be the Hilton Chicago. If it is, what would be the best, the Palmer at 75 (3.5) or Hilton at 81 (4)? I am taking my daughter to visit a college in chicago and there will be another couple with us. We will be free for a night or two while the girls are staying at the college. I want to make the most of that time.
  4. I am looking at the same and wondering in anyone has confirmed yet. If it were the Palmer House I am interested in booking. 3.5-star hotel in Chicago Loop: restaurant, pool, fitness, & business