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  1. No airport hotels for $45 so I went for north side of ABQ to be close enough to catch 0600 flight the next day.
  2. I went with Express Bid thinking I would get the Maxwell as this was the hotel listed as the one I would win. I really wanted the Maxwell, but was awarded the Mediterranean instead. I will make do I suppose, but the hotel list should probably be updated. $88 + taxes and fees $113.95 total (which isn't bad for 3 star in that area I suppose)
  3. Started at $79 and one by one included all 5 areas in my bid. Eventually got impatient and went with $114 and only one area and the 3.5* hotels which had only one listed.
  4. I put a lot of effort into trying to get a great rate on the only 3.5star hotel, George Washington, but when my $83 bid was rejected on the $117 (hotwire room price) and $139 (priceline room price) I gave up and went for the 3star. Was expecting to get Aloft, but this hotel has great reviews. There is a comment saying Free breakfast for select rooms along with free parking and free wifi, but when I called to confirm they said no free breakfast with my room. I'm very happy with my price, just wish they allowed pets as I now have to hire a pet sitter at $20/day.
  5. My sister and mom are visiting me in Atlanta and house is under construction. Needed to get them a hotel. Based on my experience and the data available, I knew I was going to win the Westin. This works out great - free parking as I'm loaning them one of mine. I love going to Costco as I'm an addict there and this Westin is very close. :) It is my sister's birthday so this area is so close to great restaurants that I'm going to give her a list to choose from. So very, very happy with my bid, but have to confess I don't like winning on my first bid. Next time I will try $49 to start with. - Was looking at 5star Intercontinental in Buckhead, but wasn't willing to pay $22/day for parking. - Don't like how some downtown hotels are in Midtown. So didn't bid those.
  6. Just won bid and arriving in 3 hours! Online price is $89, ad in brochure we picked up at Waffle House is $59 and we are paying $45. Yeah! Just love Priceline!
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