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  1. Used the links and got this on really first attempt after seeing a 2.5 in express deals for $68. Just need it for the night before a flight so complimentary airport shuttle and breakfest will be great. Bid $59 for 2.5 Star - Rejected Bid $62 for 2 Star - Accepted and upgraded to 2.5 hotel matching the express deal.
  2. By the way, for future reference when you sign out of PRICELINE and re-sign in to clear the check box's should you re-click the referral links or can you just log back in PRICELINE and it will still have betterbidding.com as the referral? I wasn't sure so just kept using the link from the Priceline Maps tool for each bid ( Which is extremely useful when you narrow it down to timeline and zones to give you a good indication of pricing bids! ) however it added extra steps that I am not sure were redundant. I need to book a hotel in Boston later so wouldn't mind knowing if I am doing extra work for no apparent reason. Hopefully I am being clear in what I am asking. Let me know thanks.
  3. I actually did list my JW win previously but forgot my username/password/junk e-mail I signed up on so the win is recorded in your database! :P I phoned the hotel as per your suggestion. The person was very friendly but was unable to edit the reservation and was unsure why as he said normally he can still edit third party reservations. He suggested I phone PRICELINE to make the inquiry on my behalf but it shouldn't be an issue provided I don't check in real late when they have no room choice left. Hopefully that is the case as it would be ideal if it was locked in but he was unable to edit it and right now its listed as King/Queen/Two Doubles No Preference however he did add the note Two Doubles to the reservation. Will give PRICELINE a call later though and see if that helps.
  4. Just won The Mayflower for $89 on first bid of the morning. Stayed at the JW Marriott last time and enjoyed it so hopefully the Mayflower is a similar experience. Traveling with a male friend of mine so hopefully getting two beds is not an issue otherwise I guess I better brush up on paper,rock & scissors to ensure I don't end up on a cot. Yesterdays Bids Tried $87 for **** White House-Downtown , Convention Ctr, Capitol Hill Tried $83 for ***1/2 White House-Downtown , Convention Ctr, Capitol Hill Tried $79 For *** White House-Downtown , Convention Ctr, Capitol Hill
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