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  1. According to the fine print, I shouldn't pay additional fees because I won't request any additional services such as child seat and I won't make any changes to reservation. Therefore, if my bid is accepted rental should not charge other fees. Am I right?
  2. Hi everyone I am planning book a midsize SUV in Philadelphia Int. Airport from 6/11/13 to 6/18/13 through As I am completely new to I have a few questions. Firstly I got a really good deal from comparing other websites which $16 per day for a midsize suv. Your Offer Price: $16.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 7 Subtotal: $112.00 Taxes and Fees: (details) $59.49 Total Charges: prices are in US dollars $171.49 Secondly, I want to hear your experiences, has anybody rented a car from Philadelphia Int. Airport and how was the overall rent? Thirdly, I have not submit my credit card details when I got this quote, do you think they will alter this quote after submitting my details (is there other hidden fee after submission)? Finally, are these rental companies on airport or off airport? I have an excess car insurance from the UK Thank you very much