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  1. Had $7 bonus cash from Priceline. Started with Beach zone, $60. Rejected. $65 also rejected. Won with $70 bid + $7 bonus cash, total bid $77. Bid on 3 rooms. Final total $247.17.
  2. Did we ever get an answer on this? I'm curious on this as well.
  3. Your Offer Price: $13.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 1 days Subtotal: $13.00 Taxes and Fees: $15.18 Total Charges: $28.18 Lowest Published Price: $91.77 Total Savings:* $63.59 (You saved 69%)
  4. I received 2 nights for $44 on a previous bid which I could not get for these additional nights. So I bid $47 and was accepted. Total for 4 nights including fees $226.04.
  5. Because I have some flexibility in where I stay, I started bidding with check in on Nov. 26 and check out on Dec. 2 at $40, which was rejected. Offered rebid of $53, which I rejected. Then I increased bid by $1 and pulled in check out date by 1 day until bid of $44.00 for 2 nights was accepted. I was offered to extend my stay for 2 more nights for same price of $44. This price was rejected, but was a rebid price of $53.00 was offered. I rejected and started a whole new bid, which I'll start a separate post for. Total for 2 nights including fees $109.36.
  6. I searched for 1 person from 11/30-12/4/11 in the Woodbridge area. A 2* property comes up for $42.00/night. Amenities are complimentary breakfast and hi speed internet. I don't see any 2* properties listed on the hotel list for this area. Any ideas? TIA
  7. I'm very pleased with my win. Bid $75 for a total of 4 rooms. Accepted. Total for all 4 rooms including fees is $344.48, which comes to a total of $86.12 per room.
  8. I have been bidding for the last several days for 2.5* or higher in the EWR area up to $51 with no success. Started today with 3* in EWR at $55. Rejected. Added Elizabeth zone and 2.5* level and increased bid to $58. Accepted. Total with fees is $74.47.
  9. Started at $44 and increased bid using 4 free rebids. $60 accepted. Final total including fees is $76.52.
  10. Stayed at the Fairfield Inn the evening before which was won on PRICELINE, but was unable to extend that stay for $41 so had to start a new request. Tried same strategy as last time, started bidding at $39 on a 2* in Newark Airport zone. Rejected. Added Elizabeth, increased bid to $40. Rejected. Added Jersey City, increased to $41, rejected. Added Secaucus for $45, rejected. At this point I realize that I need to bid higher since I don't have days to wait to try again, so I add Meadowlands-Rutherford and bid $50. Accepted. Upgraded to 3* Courtyard Marriott Newark Airport. Total with fees $65.20.
  11. Update. I decided to stay in the area another night and tried to extend my stay through PRICELINE, but they would not accept my request. Therefore I had to start a new request. I will start a new topic on that request.
  12. Started bidding just for Newark Airport zone at $38 for 2* which was rejected. Added Elizabeth zone which would have been OK and increased bid to $39. Also rejected. Added Jersey City, where I really didn't want to stay, but pretty confident that the bid would not be accepted there, and increased bid to $40. Rejected. Added Seacaucus-Meadowlands, where I also did not want to stay, but again, felt pretty sure it would not be accepted in this zone and increased bid to $41. Price accepted and upgraded to 2.5*. Very happy with this property, I like Fairfield Inns. Dates June 17-18. Total including fees $54.67.
  13. Thanks for the helpful info. We ended up staying with a relative which saved a couple of hundred dollars. Thanks again.
  14. Sorry, I though I put the dates in the subject. Dates are June 10, 2010 for 1 night
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