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  1. I will be bidding on the next few days for a hotel in the Orlando area (of couse using your link). My question has always been this...no matter where you're staying or which hotel it is: If you are bidding or even using the express deals, how do you know that you will get 2 beds? From past experiences, I've only received rooms with one bed, so if is this the case when bidding for a room for 4, how can I gaurantee to get 2 beds? Thanks!
  2. Thanks, still no luck! I'll keep trying. I guess I can't get passed the fact that I won a full size car in Tampa last summer for $15/day for a week...big city compared to here! So it's killing me to pay more than that LOL
  3. I am trying to bid a rental car on priceline for ROC 08/14-08/17 (8pm to 8pm) I've bid up to $20 on each car I possibly could with no luck. I am not picky on the type of car but would prefer to NOT drive the tiniest car available (compact). Am I bidding too early? It's not a huge city so I'm pretty sure there are plenty of cars available. Any advice? (I live here, I'm just renting the car to go out of town. I don't want to book an alternative...if worse comes to worse I will drive my own car but would prefer a rental)
  4. I have been reading a lot of reviews that a many places charge "resort fees", this was the case when we booked a hotel on Clearwater Beach...which is more like a resort compared to this place. I guess I was looking at a "resort fee" as a fee when you book a resort or a nicer hotel, not for something like the Radisson. LOL I hate to be negative about it until I see it, it's just the reviews I've been reading on Priceline don't mirror that of a 3 1/2 upscale resort! And being that we are there for vacation, I would like for it to be nice, and clean! And you're right Tom, I didn't think of it that way...at least I don't have to pay for wi-fi and parking and I am thankful for that! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. :) I'll be back with a review when I get back.
  5. Thanks! It's a beautiful hotel! Will continue to use your PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links :)
  6. I bid for a 3 1/2 star UPSCALE and this is what I got stuck with. Not too happy about it since the majority of the reviews for this hotel are not anything near "upscale". I've also read that they charge a resort fee and it's nothing even close to a resort! I think Priceline needs to start reading their own customers reviews and re-rating their hotels!
  7. I got this hotel also for May for $62...I'm a little irritated that they have it as a 3 1/2 star upscale! if you read the reviews on PRICELINE, they aren't great! I'd say it's more like a 2-3!!! Also be aware that they will charge you a resort fee when you're there and it's NOTHING close to a resort!
  8. Won this hotel on Priceline, $95 for 4 star midtown east. EXCELLENT hotel. We had a one bedroom suite 03/02-03/03.
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