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  1. It appears that Priceline NYOP has moved entirely to the Priceline App (Apple/Android) only; from what I can tell, it now only gives a star level and nothing other ways to identify a hotel besides narrowing down the list by area.
  2. I would say $60-70 Thanks again, Ron
  3. Thanks. In this case, most likely I prefer below a 4. Currently, I'm planning on spending $70-100 a night, but if I could get find one less than budget, that would be bonus. With that in mind, perhaps: 3.5 (seperate bids) Downtown Granville Richmond (Airport) Burnaby Then 3 with the same area's and so on.
  4. I can't be sure, but it appears to be the Hilton. Some hotels do charge for more than 2 people in a room; sometimes it the bedding type, sometimes its just the amount of people per room. This also varies from hotel to hotel. Hope this helps, Good luck
  5. Hoteles Silken looks about right. Three other options could be: Ayre, Sevilla Center and NH Central. With the Silken being the least expensive, that is what I would think if I were looking at the same trip.
  6. Nice win and area. The Pearl District has a lot offer, plus easy access to downtown. Congrats.
  7. I'm not sure, but it appears to be the InterContinental San Francisco hotel. Hope this helps, good luck.
  8. No guarantee, however, it appears it could be: Crown Plaza 3.5, Hilton 3.5 or the Holiday Inn 3. If you use the fitness center and pool as the amenities with 3 and 3.5, then compare the map on hot rates to the more hotels map, you'll see what I'm seeing. Hope this helps, good luck.
  9. If I had to guess, it would be either the Residence Inn or the Hampton Inn. Since the Residence Inn offers free internet, I would be leaning towards the Hampton Inn. For some reason, with all the four amenities listed, there were no hotels listed for the Downtown area; but taking away high speed internet, led to these two. Hope this helps, good luck.
  10. No guarantee, but it appears to be the Hotel Beaux Arts Miami. Adding all the amenities with a 5 start showed five hotels, of those, this is the only one in the Downtown Miami area. Hope this helps
  11. Hello again, My passport arrived early. Here my thoughts on the bidding strategy: - Start with 5 star and move down with each bid in each area until I reach the lowest star rating wanted for that area. 1) Downtown 2) Granville 3) City Hall (Downtown South) 4) Richmond 5) Burnaby If anyone has any other advice, it would be appreciated. If this looks good, I'll give a shot. Thanks again, Ron
  12. It could be off strip, however, looking at the area map it appears the 5 stars for south strip are: Four Seasons, The Cosmopolitan, Mandarin, Bellagio, Aria and Vdara.
  13. If your using NYOP, there is no guarantee on bed choice; the best you can do is request it with the hotel after booking. Some Express Deals do have the option of choosing more than one bed. Also keep in mind that sometimes it's less expensive to book two rooms on NYOP than the Express Deals, however, there is no guarantee those rooms will be close together. Good luck
  14. I can't be for sure, but Elara fits most of the criteria. When entering the star rating and amenities, none of the hotels match, so I started taking taking some away until the ones matched the North strip area.
  15. Thanks for your reply, Prior to posting, I had read the article relating to the best time to book. I was hoping that someone would have experience with Vancouver, BC during this time of year. I also have to wait for a couple of weeks until my passport is issued. I also know that there is no guarantee on the hotel when bidding, as each of the three sales have different inventory, that may or may not overlap. I have noticed though, Express deals and NYOP can be narrowed down to a small selection in most cases, so we have a general idea what we may get. I would be willing to go with 1 with some areas (downtown zones) and 2+ in the outer areas. Thanks again, Ron
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