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  1. I ended up getting the University Inn at Duke elsewhere. I decided I wanted that particular hotel's location.
  2. Preview window free breakfast, free interenet, overall satisfaction 4. We can guarantee you'll get one of the hotels below: Hilton Garden Inn Nashville Downtown/Convention Center, Hyatt PLace Nashville Downtown, The Capitol Hotel Downtown. After opening page: Amenities: Free breakfast, Free internet, Boutique hotel, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Restaurant(s), Internet access Accessibility: Accessible for visually impaired, Accessible for hearing impaired, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking, Roll-in shower I researched this hotel and am satisfied with it. Cost with tax and fees for this room is $147/night. This is a good price for downtown. Also, this property only charges $18/day for valet parking. I used a HOTWIRE link to make this purchase.
  3. Preview menu: 1.1 miles from search location 4.2/4 Very good! Free Parking Free Internet TA 1,369 Reviews What hotel will I get? Guarantee you'll get one of the hotels below: Raddisson Hotel Nashville Airport, Hilton Nashville Airport, Embassy Suites Nashville Airport Once I clicked on the ad to buy it I saw: Free Internet Free parking Amenities: Airport shuttle, Business Center, Fitness Center, Indoor pool(s) Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms I used your HOTWIRE links to book this stay. With tax and fees, total was $105.
  4. Thank you for those guesses. I had decided the Millenium is probably correct. I had hoping for that Hilton Garden Inn or Residence Inn but neither seem likely. I studied Priceline for this zone and don't think the common wins look interesting to me. I will let you know if I bid Hotwire or not, and how it turns out.
  5. Hi, My travel dates are Oct 13-15. I would like help with identifying the following two properties: 4 star Hotel $118/night 95 percent approval rating Amazing (37 reviews), TA 500-1000 reviews Complimentary Free Internet Free parking Amenities Fitness center Indoor pool(s)Pet friendly Pool(s) Resort Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms Overall Satisfaction 5, condition of hotel, 5, quality of service, 5, Room Comfort 4.5, Cleanliness, 5, location of hotel, 5. Points of Interest · A-Duke University 1 miles · B-Northgate Mall 2.6 miles · C-Durham Performing Arts Center 2.5 miles · D-Carolina Theater 2.6 miles · E-Durham Bulls Athletic Park 2.4 miles · F-North Carolina Central University 2.9 miles · G-Durham VA Medical Center 1.2 miles · H-Durham Convention Center 2.5 miles · I-Duke University Hospital 1.2 miles · J-Cameron Indoor Stadium 0.4 miles Guaranteed to be one of these 4: Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club JB Duke Hotel The Durham Hotel 21c Museum Hotel Durham -------------- 3 star Hotel --$78/night 80 percent recommended. Good. 3.5 on TA. Complimentary Free InternetFree parking Amenities Business center Fitness center Indoor pool(s) Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms Overall Satisfaction 4, Condition 4, Service, 4.5, Comfort, 4, Cleanliness, 4, Location 4. Points of Interest A-Duke University 1.2 miles B-Northgate Mall 2.3 miles C-Durham Performing Arts Center 3 miles D-Carolina Theater 2.9 miles E-Durham Bulls Athletic Park 2.9 miles F-Durham VA Medical Center 0.8 miles G-Durham Convention Center 2.8 miles H-Duke University Hospital 0.8 miles I-Cameron Indoor Stadium 1 miles J-Duke Lemur Center 1.2 miles Guaranteed to be one of these 4: Comfort Suites Durham Hilton Garden Inn Durham Southpoint, NC Hyatt Place Durham Southpoint Millennium Hotel Durha
  6. Hello, I did take the PRICELINE EXPRESS bid for $116/night 3.5* hotel in New Haven, Connecticut, details described above. It was indeed the New Haven Hotel. Thank you for reviewing my bid. (And I was careful to use a PRICELINE link.)
  7. Seeking to stay in Zone 2 of New Haven CT for night of May 17, 2 ppl. Tried Name your own Price, starting at $80 and adding zones until $105 max, all denied. Looking at accepting one of the 2 Express Deals. Ostensibly one looks considerably less, but with a $22 fee paid at checkin to hotel, appear to be same. Not finding $22 fee on any past reviews. From reviewing this site, Priceline, Google Maps and other travel engines really only 3 hotels in this zone, the Omni, New Haven and Courtyard Marriott. The 2-3 others are independents that are full for our date. Here are details of two offers. Wondering which hotels these are as some past respondents name the New Haven as 3* and others as a 3.5*. New Haven Express Deal #1 3.5 Star Hotel Downtown New Haven Guest Favorite Fitness Center, Business Center, Bed Choice Available. Hotel Amenities Pop-up: Bed Choice, Business Center, Fitness Center, Non Smoking 8+ guest rating 300 verified guest reviews $116 Save 30 percent However, besides the taxes, there is an additional mandatory fee of $22 collected at the hotel. Priceline total w tax is $147.97 and then w $22 fee my overall total is then $169.97 New Haven Express Deal #2 3 –Star Hotel Downtown New Haven Free Internet, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Bed Choice available Hotel Amenities Popup: Free Internet, Bed Choice, Business Center, Fitness Center, Non Smoking Restaurant 8+ Guest Rating 400 verified guest reviews $139 Save 18 percent Taxes are $37.97 so total is $176.97 Thank you for any suggestions.
  8. Hello, West End is a separate zone from Glen Allen. The BetterBidding hotel list has just one zone, but Hotwire has divided them into two.
  9. Hi, Thanks for your reply. To answer your questions: I have opened the before, but it gives a warning about Priceline not covering more than 2 people. So I have generally closed the tab at that point. I may have known at one point that this tool also worked for Hotwire but didn't know how to find it again. Why I would consider a hotel with a 40 percent approval rating? In this case, there were only 7 reviews, which is not enough to be reliable. My thought was, if I could figure out which hotel it was, I would go find a bigger sampling of reviews on another travel site. Also, I have found that some people give negative reviews of modest hotels because they expect the Ritz. Okay.. on to revised search results, which included a third option today: 3* Latin Quarter - Sorbonne $168/night FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Pet friendly, Internet access upon clicking through, additional info: HOT RATE HOTEL Latin Quarter - Sorbonne area 85 percent recommended 2* Opera Garnier - Galeries Lafayette - St Lazare -$105/night FULL AMENITIES: Pet friendly, Smoke-free rooms, Internet access 40 percent recommended. Odd: When you click through, the rate is then listed as $106 instead of $105. 3* Opera Garnier - Galeries Lafayette - St Lazare $125/night 55% recommended FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Internet access Thanks so much for your help reviewing these listings.
  10. Hello, I could use your help identifying the two properties below. Many thanks! Help ID: 3* Sorbonne Area Latin Quarter $168/night "85% Recommended (20) Great!" "Book Soon The last person got the Hotel Devillas" Complimentary: Free Internet Amenities: Pet Friendly Travel Dates: June 30-July 3 Two adults and one teenager Help ID: 2* Opera Garnier -Galeries Lafayette Saint Lazare, $113/night "40 percent recommended (7)" "Book Soon The last person got the Hotel Antin St Georges" Amenities: Internet Access Pet Friendly Smoke Free Rooms Same Travel dates and number of Travelers as above.
  11. Administrator: Please note that the zones for Richmond did not match up to what I found on the Hotwire site, and the zone this purchase was in shows up as Richmond--West End. This zone is separate from Richmond -Glen Allen and is not currently listed in the Better Bidding drop-down menu. 3* in West Richmond FULL AMENITIES: Free parking, Free breakfast, Free Internet, Indoor pool(s), Fitness center, Pool(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Accessible for visually impaired, Accessible for hearing impaired, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking, Roll-in shower Clicking through the bid, you also see: Free parking Free breakfast Free Internet Indoor pool(s) Fitness center Pool(s) Business center Self-service laundry Hotel was pleasant, clean, exactly as advertised. Would most definitely stay there again should the occasion arise. $82 was good value for money.
  12. We did not end up using Hot.wire for this stay. My husband got offered a large incentive of free miles to stay at a hotel on their list. Since this reservation was to be was only for one night, it was the perfect choice to use that incentive on.
  13. Ultimately we decided we wanted to be in Cambridge or further in Boston than the Medford choice. The Hyatt option was probably our best choice for price but then I found a better option on Travel.ocity. Even with parking, the Courtyard by Marriott cost less and included breakfast. However, I did go by the Hyatt as well and it also looked really nice. And anyone looking to stay at the hotels in the immediate vicinity should note that there's a Trader's Joe's and a gas station right there. It is a great general base for college hunting. While I did not use the Hotwire option on this occasion, this website still really helped me in my lodgings search. Thanks so much to all who responded.
  14. Thereuare, thanks for answering my questions. And to answer yours, the Harvard zone just didn't have anything in our pricepoint. But I do keep checking! I will make a decision in the next day or so and post back.
  15. Hi, Thanks so much for your quick reply. We did request 1 room/ 2 adults one child. I just ran the search again (using your regular Hotwire QuickQuote link). I found the Medford zone property, same price $144. The Cambridge Watertown property is now $130 instead of $125. Our primary travel goal is to see some colleges in the Boston area and they are all over the place. Will need some freeway access both to go north and to go west. Have been to Boston, but it's been a long time. Reasons for choosing Cambridge zones-- Would like to wander through Harvard too but not do an official tour there; we had hoped to spend the evenings in the Harvard Square area. With the parking costs for this area, the Cambridge property would be a little more, but not a big difference in price. Thanks for any help!