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  1. Business center, Fitness center, Indoor pool(s), Internet access, Pet friendly, Pool(s)Restaurant(s), Smoke-free rooms, Spa services. This is in the new Hotwire zone "Downtown Toronto Centre"
  2. Pets Allowed Business Center Restaurant Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities
  3. Pet friendly, Indoor pool(s), Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Golf nearby, Children's activities
  4. "guaranteed amenities" Pets Allowed Business Center Restaurant Fitness Center
  5. Having seen these dates, 3* in this zone at $119, via BetterBidding PRICELINE link tried $100 and won first attempt. Should have tried lower! Hope it's a decent hotel and that they make it simple to get two beds in the room.
  6. Please move this over to Price.line forum as I ended up with International Plaza Hotel for $60 (Cdn$77 all in). Started with Bidding.Helper, bid for 4* from $60-68, adding zones that don't have 4*, then added 3.5* knowing only one of the zones selected, Airport East, had one (all other zones had only up to 3*) and set bid back to $60. Priceline Express had 3.5* for $67 at the time. Pleased with this buy. As always, thanks for help and tips!
  7. Now I see a 3.5*, also for one night July 21, US$62, via Bidding.Helper > Hotwire Easy View > FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Pet friendly, Indoor pool(s), Airport Shuttle, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, Self service laundry, Internet access, Spa Services Do you think that is Crowne Plaza, as that appears on both Priceline and Hotwire lists here. Thanks.
  8. One night July 21, US$55, via BiddingHelper > Hotwire Easy View > FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Airport Shuttle, Fitness Center, Restaurant(s), Business Center, Self service laundry, Internet access, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Handicapped parking Do you think this is Holiday Inn? Also, what are the sure ways to see if it's free internet in "public spaces" or "in room"? Thanks!
  9. - There are three 'downtown' zones, which one(s) are you bidding? SouthWest and North - Using our sister site MAPS and HOTELS.com what is the best rate you're able to find for a 4* hotel in the Downtown zone(s) you're bidding? $152. It seems it simply is a highly booked weekend. I'm surprised as it is not part of the "March Break" school vacation. Thanks for your comments. I'll try for the best, and continue to link via the board.
  10. I mean $90 before taxes etc., am typing 90 in to the bid box. It was rejected and i did "try again", no luck at $92. Do forum writers think there can be any difference bidding at different times of day or different days of week or month?
  11. Mar.1/14 one night, can spend up to $90. Express Deals 4* downtown start at $143
  12. using board link, tried 80 on up to 88, adding zones that don't have 4*. Looks to me like Toronto hotel rates are noticeably up for March and April. Any comments about that? Any tips for bidding at certain times of the day or days of the week?
  13. 3.5-star Hotel in Downtown Ottawa This Hotel features the following amenities: Free Internet, Pet friendly, Indoor pool(s), Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, Internet access, Accessible path of travel, Handicapped parking I always used the links from here, for research and purchasing. Thanks for assist!
  14. Three days trying Priceline procedure. No bites on 3.5* up to $77. Hotwire had 3.5* for $76 so bought. Here's what I got: The National Hotel & Suites, an Ascend Collection hotel- 3.5-star hotel 361 Queen Street, Ottawa, ON, K1R 7S9 Sat, Nov 30, 2013 - Sun, Dec 01, 2013 $76 Free Internet Pet friendly Indoor pool(s) Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Internet access Accessibility Accessible path of travel "The last person got The National"
  15. Answering my own question here: If you add a zone that does not have the star level (or higher) you want, you can add that zone(s) without risk of getting a hotel in that zone. Here are the steps to determine the highest star level in a zone: In the upper right of the Betterbidding window, click Priceline Quick Quote Type in Where are you going, select check-in and out dates In the Priceline window, click the Name Your Own Price tab Look in "Step 1: Choose where you want to stay" and write down the names of all the zones listed In Step 1, checkmark number 1 Look in "Step 2: Choose the star level", and write down the highest star level that turns blue, not greyed out. In Step 1, uncheck number 1 and checkmark number 2. Beside that zone name, write down the highest star level turned blue. Repeat for all the zones. Now you know which zones can be added when you want to up your bid without risk of getting an undesired zone. Say you want a 4* in zone 1. If zone 1's highest star level is 4, and zone 2's highest is 3, you can up your bid (after closing the browser and starting again using the Betterbidding Priceline Quick Quote link) by adding zone 2 with no risk of staying there because there is no 4* hotel there. You could continue to add zones which you know do not have the star level you need.
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