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  1. Thank you thereuare ..... just curious what leads you to believe it's the Viva Wyndham Azteca Resort? I don't see that listed on any of the travel bidding sites I've looked at. Is it a newly won hotel not on the boards yet - or maybe it has not been listed as a win, but you know it's a potential PRICELINE EXPRESS hotel? You are so experienced at this, and I appreciate your help (you've helped me before), so please know I'm not questioning your guess, just trying to understand how you got to it so I can understand the process a bit better. I definitely want one of the Riu's and was certain that offer was one of them, so trying to see if there is a way I should have know otherwise. Thank you again for all your help. Kathy
  2. Micah, thank you for your input. I think 99.00/night for a 4 star all inclusive resort is a great deal no matter what resort it is, but I really want one of the Riu Palaces so I'm afraid to pull the trigger. Everything I've read leads me to believe the PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for 99.00 is in fact one of those resorts, but given thereuare's reply below I'm a little hesitant. Unfortunately i don't have any insight into the PRICELINE EXPRESS offer above. One minute I think "just do it, 4 star AI for less than 100.00, I'd be dumb not to" - but then I think "what good is saving money if I get a hotel I don't want" I'm soon confused. If anyone has any thoughts or experience with 4 star inRiveria Maya - "Playa Del Carmen" with these amenities, I would greatly appreciate your input. Guaranteed Amenities - using BiddingHelper.com: Free Parking Business Center Restaurant Free Internet Free Breakfast Indoor or Outdoor Pool All Inclusive Fitness Center
  3. OK, thank you for your help, I will do that. Just one question before I do that ...... because, I may have mislead you the way I worded my question. I searched Cancun - but the only zone I looked in and got that offer is was Riveria Maya - "Playa Del Carmen" If I search 10 miles, will I get hotels that are not in the specific zone of Playa Del Carmen (like maybe Riveria Maya "North Zone)? The reason I ask is the only hotel on the hotel list for Riveria Maya - "Playa Del Carmen" is the Riu Palace Mexico.
  4. I am looking for an all inclusive hotel in Playa Del Carmen and found this, can anyone help ID? Is the Riu Palace Mexico the only 4 star hotel in Playa Del Carmen? Could it be that? It just seems so inexpensive to be a Palace Resort. 8/22/15 - 5 nights - 3 rooms $100.00 per night Guaranteed Amenities - using your Bidding.helper: Free Parking Business Center Restaurant Free Internet Free Breakfast Indoor or Outdoor Pool All Inclusive Fitness Center
  5. I am very happy with this win, I thought it was the Swan and would have been almost as happy with that, but we've stayed at both and like the Dolphin better for it's lobby, restaurants, and proximity to the pool it shares with the Swan. I actually had a cancelable reservation at the Dolphin that I made last week (for more than double what I paid via Hot.wire). Felt great to cancel that. Just FYI, when I got this offer I checked to see if it was available as the first night, then the last thee nights and it was, so I bought the first night just to get a look at what hotel it was and when I saw it was the Dolphin, I immediately repeated to buy the last 3 nights. Totally ecstatic with this win, we love to stay right at the Boardwalk, without paying Boardwalk or Beach Club prices. Thank you for all the help from this board. :D
  6. Thank you, I will report back to close this thread. I'm sorry for the trouble of originally posting it as a new thread. I just thought since I closed the last one, I had to start a new one for a new bid. Thank you for your help
  7. Giving it another go at Hotwire, hoping this might be the Swan. I know for a fact the resort fee is like 22.00, not 17.00 .... does that preclude this from being the Swan? Any thoughts? 3/10/15 - 3/14/15 Lake Buena Vista - Bonnet Creek $99.00 Resort fee of approx 17.00 per day FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Resort, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Golf nearby, Tennis nearby, Spa services, Accessible for visually impaired, Accessible for hearing impaired, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking, Roll-in shower
  8. Hi, I wanted to follow up to close this topic out ... I decided I didn't want to take a chance of getting a hotel we would be disappointed in. We are going to make a retail purchase instead, probably at the WDW Swan or Dolphin. Thank you for your help :)
  9. Hotwire is offering the following, could I get help identifying? 3/10/15 - 3/14/15 Lake Buena Vista 3.5* Downtown Disney Free Internet Resort Pet friendly Smoke-free rooms Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Thank you for any help with this.
  10. I wanted to follow up so this thread could be closed. I really wanted The Gotham, and not being 100% sure I'd get it through Hotwire, I booked direct with the hotel. I found a rate of 135.00 for my nights. Thank you for your help
  11. in the TRIP SUMMARY box click the 'See more' link at the end of the amenities There is not a "See More' link in the tree summary box. But the amenities in the box now list this: Free Internet, Restaurant(s), Internet access ​I know there is no guarantee, but what are your thoughts on this being the Gotham? Thank you so much for your help.
  12. I did that and when I click the green "full amenities" button, it comes up with a box that says FULL AMENITIES, but there is nothing else in the box When I click that green box for other offers, more amenities show up
  13. No, there is no "high speed internet" amenity ... just "Free Internet" & "Restaurant" While there are many 4 star with "high speed internet" it seems this and The Residence Inn by Marriott are the only 2 with "Free Internet" but The Residence Inn by Marriott has "Fitness" and "Business" as well - that's why I was thinking it was The Gotham. Thoughts?
  14. I just posted a follow up to my Key West thread, sorry I didn't do that back when I purchased it.
  15. So sorry I never posted a follow up to this thread. I did purchase and it was The Southernmost Motel. Very nice place, awesome service and pools.
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