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  1. Decided to extend my search, as the airport area was still a reasonable drive and had better parking deals. Chose a 3* Hot Rate Deal for $86. Thanks for your help! Even without being able to use the coupon, I am pleased with the price and location. Awesome! You're staying at the aloft Philadelphia Airport Price summary Room $86.00 ($86.00 per night x 1 night x 1 room) Taxes & fees$21.92 Trip total (USD)$107.92 Trip total per night (USD)$107.92
  2. Decided to go to Philly this weekend instead and trying to decide if bidding may be a good option. Preferably, looking to stay in the following areas: City Center, Historic District, Rittenhouse Square. Checked both Hotwire and Priceline and the lowest was a Hotwire Hot Rate deal: 4-star Hotel in Center City West - Rittenhouse Square area at $150.
  3. Decided to celebrate my birthday💃 in my hometown. Scored a great deal using the BetterBidding.com tool to narrow down my choices and avoid a resort fee: Awesome! You're staying at the The Fairmont Washington DC Price summary Room $106.00 ($106.00 per night x 1 night x 1 room) Taxes & fees$29.60 Trip total (USD)$135.60 Trip total per night (USD)$135.60
  4. So we've decide to push our trip back to the 6th. I'll update this post if I bid or go with a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal.
  5. Thank you so much. I am partial to Priceline and honestly didn't check Hotwire 😞 After mapping out my various destinations, University City puts me within 20 minutes of both. I think I'll go with the Hotwire deal, using your link of course, because it gives me everything that I'm looking for. You guys are the best! EDIT: When I go to the site: I'm not getting that Hotwire deal for University City. The only option is a 4* for $431 per night.
  6. I too was confused why prices are so high. I haven't stayed in Philly before but I am from D.C., live in Baltimore, and hubby's from NY. We are always able to find pretty reasonable deals for 4* properties. I have considered Cherry Hill, but Mt. Laurel may be too far as I have to travel to North Philly for an art show. I am willing to go to 3.5* levels. My bidding zones were: Trevose - Bensalem, City Line, University City, Cherry Hill, NJ, Rittenhouse Square, Convention Center, Historic District - Penns Landing, Bellmawr - Deptford - Runnemede, NJ, Philadelphia Airport, Philadelphia Airport South - Chester, Cinnaminson - Riverton, NJ, Voorhees, NJ, Center City West, Center City East As always thanks for your help!!
  7. Looking for bidding advice for a birthday weekend in Philly. I don't have to necessarily be in the heart of downtown, but would love something within a 30 minute drive. Tried bidding with the highest bid being $90-$150 for a 4* with 14 bid zones but was unsuccessful. Willing to go to a lower star-level (3*), but I know this limits by rebidding zones. Would love to stay under $200. Open to Express Deals also, but they are limited and change daily for this city.
  8. Our plans changed, so we ended up not booking. Just wanted to close out the thread. Thanks, as usual, for the help!
  9. Looking to identify a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal that is for a 4.5* hotel for 7/5-7/8/18 in the Downtown Baltimore- Inner Harbor - Fells Point area. I’ve search the forum, but can’t find a 4.5* deal for this zone. The amenities are: Free Internet, Business Center, Fitness Center, Pets Allowed, Restaurant, and Non Smoking. Thanks in advance!
  10. This site rocks!! I am always pleasantly surprised by the deals I get. I started out by bidding $75, rejected. Re-bid $80, $85, $90, $91 by selecting new re-bidding zones. $92 was accepted for the Gaylord. I was expecting the Westin, but thought it was weird that a resort fee was included from the Preview screen. This area has a 13 rebid zones if trying for 4* and above. Also, I used the PRICELINE link from this site. Offer price:$92.00/night Adjusted room price (bid) with Hotel Fee Credit: $92.00/night Hotel fee:$44.00 Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:2 nights Room subtotal:$184.00 Taxes & fees:$38.42 Taxes:$38.42 Total charged today:$222.42 Total cost: Total charged: * $266.42*
  11. Thanks for your help. I went with the 3.5* and it was indeed the Ameritania. I paid $171 total. I also used the PRICELINE EXPRESS link.
  12. So I have had great success with the assistance that you all offer, however NYC I can't seem to wrap my mind around. We are looking to visit for a day and ideally would like to be in a prime location like Midtown East area, but are open to any area in that vicinity: Time Square, Grand Central, Central Park South, Rockefeller Center, etc..., and beyond depending on the price. We are traveling by bus into NYC so we don't want to have to travel too far from 34th, if possible. What I have been finding is that the going rate is about $190-210 after taxes and fees for a 4* and above. I found a 3.5* for $135 ($171 total) in Central Park South with Fitness and Business Centers as the amenities and a 8/10 guest score. Do you believe that the 3.5* is probably my best bet for this time of year or would it be worth it to bid? Most of the bids that I have seen won were due to Express Deals so I am unsure what I could bid if bidding is an option. To wrap it up, I am looking for my best options for a 3.5* or above that will keep me less than $200 total in Midtown. Thanks!
  13. Started at $65, based on a previous bidder's suggestion and rebid in $3 increments. Deal type: Name Your Own Price Offer price: $74.00 /night Number of rooms: 1 room Number of nights: 1 night Room subtotal: $74.00 Taxes & fees: $18.30 Total charged today: $92.30 Total charged: $92.30 Savings: You saved 58%* Of course, I used your Priceline link. Thanks for having an awesome website!! :D Janine
  14. Just wanted to offer an update for this area. Visiting Kings Dominion at the tale-end of Spring Break. Staying for one night, checking in Sat. Starting bid for 2.5 stars was $40, rejected. Adjusted to 2 stars and rebid $45, rejected. After wait, rebid for 2.5 for $50, rejected. Adjusted to 2.0 for $55, accepted. Top Amenities High speed wireless Outdoor pool Business center Restaurant Non-smoking rooms (generic) Free parking Cable television Hairdryer Pet Friendly Deal Type: Name Your Own Price Room Price: $55.00 /room night Rooms: 1 Nights: 1 Room Subtotal: $55.00 Hotel Fee1: $4.21 Paid at the Hotel Taxes & Fees: $13.13 Total Charged Today: $68.13 Total Cost: $72.34 I used the PRICELINE links to start my bidding.
  15. Thank you! Since we will be visiting family, we were hoping to be in a certain part of the island to minimize travel. I think it will be best if we go with a regular rate purchase this time around. I will use MAPS and HOTELS.com. Thanks for your help!
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