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  1. Bid on the recreational area (50), added downtown (54) and got Coast (it's okay, but more like a 3 star compared with US-hotels).
  2. Wanted Olympia, got Turnwater. Apperently it's the same zone. Didn't like the motel or better said, didn't like Turnwater. The motel was newly renovated and looked pretty okay. but Turnwater doesn't 'feel' safe.
  3. tried for 3.5 stars till 68 and then for 75 for 4. Got the olive8.
  4. The 35% really bothered me. So I ended up bidding again and I only bid in Manhatten (without Harlem). I got the Holiday Inn Wall Street for $103 a night. With taxes that makes $388 for three nights which is, I think, an okay deal.
  5. Hi I found a 2 star hotel in LIC for march 8-11, $55 Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Free Internet, High-Speed Internet Access. Probably the Days Inn? If so, is it okay?
  6. Thanks for the replys. Actually I would be fine with the Marakesh. I've red the comments on tripadvisor and they're not the best, but fine enough for me. I just want a place to sleep and take a shower and a little privacy (or else I would be staying in a dorm, which was always fine). I don't need breakfast/a tv/ space for luggage / or a great view. Of course all that would be nice. But I'm there for the city, not the hotel :) Actually $87 was already more than I'm willing to pay. That's why I also tried LIC. I think I'll focus on that.
  7. I've read a lot on the board (and used your links), but haven't ever registered. But keep up this really good site! I've noticed that hotels in New York/Manhattan are really expensive. And for a 3/4 star hotel you can get good deals for like 100/130 dollars a night (in stead of the usual $200/300 prices) I'm looking for a 2 star hotel, since I don't really care about 4-star hotels and like to save money for other things, but a hotel had to be clean and more or less in a area where I don't have to travel for an hour to get to the (inner) city. I've been bidding up to 87 dollars in the manhatten area (except Harlem) and up to 67 in long island city (March 8-11) but unsuccesfull. Is there no real 2-star priceline market for New York? Since: If I raise my bids I'm almost at Pricline prices for 3-star hotels... It's also a rarity that these hotel deals are being posted on better bidding (for Manhattan).
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