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  1. Wailea-Makena Hotels Maui

    I just looked at HOTWIRE and found a 3* "Condo" in Wailea-Makena area with bed choice available. 95% positive reviews (but only 5). But where the price is it says 3* Hotel. Amenities include free wi-fi, free parking, 1 BR suite, Full kitchenLaundry in roomPool(s)Smoke-free roomsSuite Do you know what hotel this might be? Thanks.
  2. Wailea-Makena Hotels Maui

    Thank you for your response! You are correct - the room rate was $378! I think we would like to stay in the $400/night or lower range, with as nice as possible accomodations. We really love Maui - I think it would be hard to convince us to go elsewhere. Do you have any recommendations for a lower star rating? Thanks.
  3. My husband and I will be traveling to Maui 1/12/18-1/19/18 after spending a week at a conference in Kauai. A few years ago I was able to find a 5* Hotel Deal in Wailea-Makena area for just under $300 (it ended up being the Four Seasons!!!). Unfortunately, I don't remember how far in advance I made the reservation. I have been looking for a month or two, and prices are VERY high that week, and most of the hotels seem close to booked, or at least selling for full price. I am looking for a 4-5* hotel very close to ocean. Do you think express deal rooms will open up in the future? Or do you think I should book a cancellable room, and wait until the time gets closer? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Help Identifying 4* Hotwire Hotel

    Thanks for your help. I thought that was the hotel. I ended up staying with my daughter!
  5. I am traveling to NYC tomorrow and am looking for a hotel in Mid-town east (or somewhere near Grand Central Station). I found a 4* hotel in Mid-town East, 8/28-8/30, for $139 per night (normally $226). 90% recommended by 205 reviewers. Could you help me identify it? Also, what kind of fees are added to the price? And can the Summer $30 coupon be applied if it is $300 after taxes? Complimentary: Free Internet Amenities: Boutique hotelBusiness centerFitness centerRestaurant(s)Self-service laundrySmoke-free rooms Thank you!
  6. Wanted to stay in/near Meadowlands as we are going to a concert 7/16/16. Used PRICELINE EXPRESS DEALS (through Better Bidding!) 3.5 Stars in Meadowlands - Rutherford Price listed was $136. Including taxes and fees the total was $170.40 Amenities were: Free Parking Indoor Pool Non-Smoking Gym Business Center (no free Internet)
  7. Was looking for a hotel near Villanova for my daughter's graduation. It was a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal - 3 Star for $178 (unfortunately last night is was $158!!). Regular rate on Priceline was $258. AMENITIES: Free Breakfast Free Internet Free Parking PET FRIENDLY Indoor pool Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Business Center Handicap Accessible By checking off "Pet Friendly" in the amenities, I'm pretty sure I'm getting this hotel because it is the only one in the area that has this amenity. Also, I usually don't bid for 3 star in this area because you usually end up at the Valley Forge Casino Resort - which I personally don't care for. P.S. Total for two nights with taxes and fees was $408.88.
  8. I tried to bid for a 5* in Wailea-Makena for $319, got rejected. Added Kihea at $339 and got rejected. Then I read somewhere that resorts are considered higher than 5* so if you add areas you may end up with a resort in an area you don't want. SoI got cold feet and ... I chose the Hotwire "Secret Hot Rate" deal for a 5*, assuming it was the Four Seasons for $376/night. Amenities listed were pet-friendly, fitness center, internet access, pools, business center, tennis nearby, spa services. It did end up being the Four Seasons. Total for 7 nights was $2632 + 479.02 taxes and fees = $3111.02. Priceline and Hotwire listed price was $489. I hope this includes the resort fees, but I have no idea.
  9. I am interested in bidding for a 5 star hotel in Wailea, Maui area. I believe there is only one hotel, the Four Seasons. On Hotwire it looks like I can get a 5* for $381/night in the Wailea-Makena area "Secret Rate Hotels". Do you believe this is the Four Seasons? Is there any way to know what the additional fees are (the real price?). The dates are 1/23-1/30. I was thinking of naming my own price (through Priceline). I think I understand the rebidding process, but I'm not sure if there are any "rebidding zones". Thank you.
  10. The hotel was for the night of 12/11 (I booked it 12/10). Ended up being a great stay - they upgraded us to a bigger room with a mini kitchen!!
  11. I was looking for a hotel in mid-town East, I was booking tonight for 12/11. There was a HOT DEAL for a 4 star in this area for $189. With tax it was approx $239, and it was the Residence Inn on 48th between Lex and Third.
  12. I was in a rush today ... First bid $70 for a 3.5 star hotel in Zone 7, Valley Forge. It wasn't accepted, so I rebid for 3 star hotel at $80. I ended up at Valley Forge Casino Resort - Casino Tower. With all the hotels in this area I never even thought I would end up here. It's okay... but next time I'll stick with the 3.5 star hotels. With tax about $95.
  13. Originally bid $70 for Dupont Circle Area. Rebid at $93 and got Washington Marriott Wardman Park.
  14. Used "PRICELINE EXPRESS deals". Made reservation on 1/25. Price was $74, additional taxes and fees were $19, so total was $94.