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  1. I was trying it on my iPad. Wasn’t loading my info. Just tried it on my laptop and I’m in. Thanks!
  2. I’ve tried using this link above and it doesn’t work. I can’t find the bidding website anywhere. Can anyone please help?
  3. Took a few tries. Started at $110. Went up by $10 increments. Got it for $180 Cdn. The website shows the cheapest room at $249.
  4. Empire State Building. Is that ESB? I hadn't considered that area. Sure I might be open to that.
  5. I know there aren't many hotels in these two areas but they were recommended to us as we don't want to be in the tourist zone. Someone else suggested Midtown East but another person said it was too corporate with not much of a neighbourhood feel. I would consider adding this area if needed. My price hopefully would be $250 or less.
  6. Looking to book a 4 star in either Upper West Side or Chelsea for these dates. When should I start bidding? What is a realistic price I might end up getting? Anyone know which hotels usually are awarded for these two areas? Thanks