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  1. I'm going to Chicago in May and got an awesome deal on a hotel through Hotwire via the site's link. I'm looking at some different options for seeing sites and attractions in Chicago. I've looked at both the Chicago City Pass and the Go Chicago Card. I'm not sure which one is better. Can anyone offer some advice. The only museum that I'm interested in is probably the field museum. Also which is better Skydeck Chicago or the Hancock Observatory? Skydeck Chicago sounds neat because of the glass viewing decks. Any and all advice/suggestions is appreciated!
  2. Yes - those are the exact amenities listed on my HOTWIRE account for The Westin Michigan Ave. I appreciate all the help and looking forward to my trip in May!
  3. Booked a 4* through the HOTWIRE link for $169 a night. It was the Westin Michigan Ave as mentioned in the post above. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks for all the help!
  4. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, it was mentioned that one of the biggest conventions in Chicago will be taking place the dates I am in town. I am sure this is driving up prices as demand for rooms is much higher. I will probably keep bidding via the PRICELINE links on the site for the next week or so before I decide to give up and book elsewhere. I'm also watching HOTWIRE. Some good options were mentioned above. Specifically the $176 which I am contemplating. I also found an advance purchase rate directly through Hotel Felix for $177. I am debating if the possible Westin or Allerton I could get for $176 is better than Hotel Felix. I am greatful for all the help I have received and will continue to keep everyone updated!
  5. I bid all the way up to $170 and still didn't get anything! I'm going to try at the same price of $170 fora couple of days and see if I get anything. Meanwhile I'm looking on Hotwire to see if I can find a good deal. Thanks for the help so far.
  6. Sorry if I wasn't clear! I would like to be 3.5* or better for the NMA zone only. $175 is the highest I want to go right now. Unless you think that is completely unrealistic then let me know what my budget needs to be.
  7. I'm okay with a 3.5* at this point. I'd like to make my highest bid $175. I do prefer NMA. If I don't get a hotel in that area then I will re-evaluate if I would like to wait longer or start bidding for the loop area. With that in mind...I see a 4* on HOTWIRE in the NMA area for $177 a night. If I don't get a hotel on PRICELINE for $175 or less I will probably book that hotel....
  8. I would really prefer to be in the NMA area but I could consider the loop zone if there was a reasonable amount of savings.
  9. Aaron, thanks for the info. I would also be willing to consider 3 1/2* hotels in my search as well. Any idea where I should start my bidding? I'd like to stay at $150 max if possible - ideally at $120. I've never bid on PRICELINE before so I'm not sure what the best strategy is.
  10. I've clicked the links attached and I will also be sure to use the links on the site when making my bids!
  11. I am a priceline newbie and I need some help on a bidding strategy for getting a 4* hotel near the magnificent mile area in Chicago for 5/16/13 - 5/19/13. I was hoping to be at $100 or less - is that reasonable? Also, when is the best time to start bidding with a date that far out? I already put in a bid for $75 and was rejected. What should I do next?
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