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  1. Nights: 4 Rooms:1 Taxes:$38.78 Total:$302.78 Amenities: Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access Please note it came in as a 3.5*. It's listed in the tagged forum posting as a 3*. Booked by using the link on this site.
  2. I received this email after I had booked the 3.5 star Sheraton Station Square through Hotwire. They downgraded it after I booked, so I got a credit which was nice! By the way I've stayed at this property a number of times, and the quality has not decreased, it's a great place to stay. In fact this is where I like to stay when I go to Pittsburgh. This move makes it more difficult to identify the hotel, as there are a number of 3* but the Sheraton was the only 3.5 star downtown. Just wanted to pass it along so you could edit your list. -----------------------------------------------------------
  3. Yes it was the one I was shooting for and knew what it was thanks to the info here. I've stayed at every hotel in downtown Pittsburgh, Station Square is the one to go to if you are just doing the tourist thing as there are lots of restaurants right there in walking distance, and you have the Gateway Clipper docked right outside the hotel to take a ferry tour or a boat to the football/baseball games. As an aside, the lowest published rate on Sheraton's site for those days is $261 per night including taxes. Just a crazy amount of savings.
  4. Using the HOTWIRE link provided here! Amenities for Station Square were listed as: Downtown Pittsburgh Distinctive Hotel This Hotel features the following amenities: Fitness Center Guests have access to exercise equipment; an additional charge may apply. Pool(s) Property offers at least one pool area; hours and dates of operation may be seasonal. Restaurant(s) Property offers at least one restaurant on the premises; hours and days of operation may vary. Business Center Guests have access to business equipment and services; an additional charge may apply. High-speed Internet Access Guestro
  5. Great hotel, used the advice of the last poster and sure enough 70 bucks and was in on the first try. Great bargin, was listed at $159 lowest rate anywhere else.
  6. FYI for the top list, the Holiday Inn no longer exists in Providence. The building was purchased and refurbished and is now the Hilton Providence.
  7. I have to post that this experience seems to be abnormal, at least from what I've experienced at this property in the several times I've stayed there. Very surprised to read it all. I've never had a problem, found it spotless, service great, and good location. I would be happy to get this via Priceline. In fact, all of the sports teams that visit Pittsburgh stay book the Westin.
  8. Well he broke it. But if you are still considering going, see my post below for the same dates for a 4*. All downtown hotels are within walking distance to PNC. There's also a very clean, quick, short distance subway downtown.
  9. Started with $59. Priceline responded that I could make the same offer if I added $17 to it. I declined and tried again, this time going to $65 and adding Greentree. Nothing. Figured I'd just get it done and offer $75, add North, and it gave me the Omni. By my understanding of what I've read here, the only 4* in Pittsburgh are in downtown (Renaissance, Omni, Westin). All the other areas don't have them, which makes it pretty easy if you want to stay downtown since I think there are six or seven different areas you can plug in to rebid 4*'s for downtown. Best rate on Omni site for this property
  10. Date of Offer: 1/5/05 Date of Hotel Stay: 1/7/05 Westin 4 Stars, downtown Providence, for $129 Just a tip, I've read here that Providence Biltmore sometimes comes up as a 4* for Downtown Providence. If so, there are three 4* in Downtown Providence on Hotwire, easily discernable by amenities: Westin - Only 4* in Downtown Providence with a Pool The Hotel Providence - Only 4* with a "B" for Boutique Biltmore - Only 4* without a Pool and without a "B" You really can't lose with any of these quite frankly, but Westin is your best choice as it is attached to the mall and convention center. Amenities
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