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  1. I've always wondered why it says 6pm check-in time for the Frankfurt Marriott on Priceline reservations. However, they have happily and without comment checked us in as early as 10am in the morning, so I wouldn't be worried.
  2. According to most reservation sites, this is a 4 star. However, its location and the hotel itself, for most people, isn't as desirable as the Renaissance or Marriott. That's NYOP. What you are saying about the exchange rates isn't a mere theory, it's a fact. :-) Hotels in Germany calculate in € (usually including the 7% VAT). Your bid amount in $ is converted into €. Your bid amount of $65 comes up to $69.55 including VAT. I suppose, the lowest acceptable bid in this case was there €50 including VAT. You will have paid around €55 per night including all taxes. Still a savings of €30.
  3. You may be missing that it's the Easter weekend which could mean that rates are generally higher. Easter is one of the most favourite times of the year among tourists who travel to Amsterdam. Maybe you are among the thousands who chose to do the same? Anyhow, while you are right, that NH hotels usually have very, very low Priceline rates in Amsterdam throughout the year, $83 still is a very low amount. Converted into €, it comes up to around €60 without VAT or €63 including VAT (which is usually the basis rate are calculated on in Continental Europe). You may have to look at paying €70 - €80, which equals to a Priceline bid before taxes of $90 - $105. Still a great deal for Amsterdam.
  4. You might want to make a claim for the lowest rate guarantee here. This hotel is available on their own website at a nonrefundable rate of 62 Euros including 10% VAT (56.36 Euros without VAT making it approximately $82 before taxes).
  5. Priceline rooms are room only. Expect to pay around 20 - 25 Euros per person for a breakfast buffet. Priceline rooms are only guaranteed for double occupancy. The hotel may or may not supply a bed for a third person and may or may not charge you extra. Most hotel will not guarantee special types of rooms (such as non-smoking). These requests will be dealt with and granted or not at check in.
  6. This is not during *a* convention, this is during the Frankfurt Book Fair (Oct 14 - 18), which is among the largest fairs worldwide. For Germany and some other European countries, I always recommend a quick look at hotel.info which will reveal whether there is a fair or convention going on: <broken link> The cheapest hotel I am finding in Frankfurt (excluding the airport area) is a bad 3 star (Rossija) for 210 Euros. Almost all of the hotels that are usually won on Priceline are near the fairgrounds. They sell their rooms cheaply when there are no fairs but are among the most expensive hotels during fairs. M
  7. Hotels don't suffer during tradeshows/exhibitions/special major events/fairs. There is a fair in Vienna during your intended stay: GEWINN - MESSE 10/15/2009 until 10/17/2009 International Congress Fair for Capital Investment That may also explain the fairly high rates for the Intercontinental and the Bristol.
  8. I saw a 4* coming up on Hotwire today for $179 which, according to the amenities and the number of reviews on Tripadvisor, seemed to be the Omni Berkshire Place. I finally got it on PRICELINE for $149 (no acceptance below): Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $149.00 Subtotal: $596.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $113.71 Total Charges*: $709.71
  9. We don't know, but the Murray Hill Suites used to have the Suites amenity icon listed. This hotel doesn't, plus it's a non-smoking property and the Murray Hill Suites isn't, to my knowledge.
  10. There is a 3* in Empire State Building Area for only $149. Don't want to go for that one?
  11. Hotwire offering you only a maximum of one room doesn't necessarily mean that hotel has only room available for that set of dates. Possibly, but probably they just give Hotwire access to one room for the whole period you're searching or a part therof. No, this one room is likely to be the last and only one available via Hotwire (at this time) for the whole period you're searching or a part therof.
  12. I thought about the Courtyard again and it came to my mind that I've never seen anyone getting a Marriott property from HOTWIRE. I think Marriott doesn't work with Hotwire, right? If that is right, then it can't be the Courtyard either... :-) However, you're right - there aren't many properties that are completely smoke-free.
  13. Good afternoon, and thanks for the input! I am a bit hesitant because I can have the Tudor Hotel for the same set of dates at only $10 more (or even less on PRICELINE). The Courtyard would be a nice deal, in my opinion, and I suppose this is not the Hotel 373. It may be smoke-free, but according to their website, it's a fairly small hotel (70 rooms) that does not offer a fitness center. And that's one of the amenities listed.
  14. Hi, can anyone help me ID this property? 06/04-06/08 Empire State Building Area 3* $159 Best Value no tripadvisor rating available amenities: Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access Thanks!
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