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  1. Started at $85.00 for downtown, rejected and received offer to accept now for $115.00. Rebid DT and Central at $95.00, rejected. Added north at $100, rejected. Added northwest at $105.00 and accepted. $128.42 with fees and taxes "59% savings" 4* PRICELINE EXPRESS deal was available at $115.00 ($138.00 with fees and taxes). Lowest rate on Intercontinental website $263.00. Valet parking $40.00/day--ugh!!
  2. Amenities from confirmation email below: Indoor pool(s) Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Tennis nearby Spa services Accessibility Accessible for visually impaired Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Roll-in shower I did access Hot.Wire from your link. Thanks for all the help. You guys are terrific.
  3. Can you please help ID: Friday night 11/28 4.5* DT/MP $106 100% recommend with 12 reviews Trip Advisor 4 of 5 Indoor pool(s) Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Tennis nearby Spa services 4*DT/MP $107 95% recomended with 2033 reviews Trip Advisor 4 of 5 Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access Accessibility Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Wheelchair accessible Accessible bathroom 4* Loop $108 80% recomended with 208 reviews TA 4of 5 Pet friend
  4. I started at $65.00, increased to $75, then $80. Total with fees and taxes $99.73. Least expensive Hot.wire offer for this area (McAllen, Mission, Pharr) was $89.00. I have been bidding on PRICELINE this area for at least ten years and this is the most expensive yet. Maybe because I was bidding the afternoon of check-in.
  5. Listed amenities from confirmation email: Free Parking, Free Internet, Indoor pool(s), Airport Shuttle, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, Self service laundry, Internet access, Accessible for the deaf, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Handicapped parking, Roll-in shower 100% recommended ( 96% on trip adviser site) Total with tax and fees: $79.95 $119 on Hilton website According Hilton website, also offers 24 hr complimentary shuttle to O'Hare, and train to city (blue line). Thanks for all your help.
  6. I am pretty sure I booked through your HOTWIRE link. Listed amenities: Pet friendly Boutique Hotel Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center Self service laundry Internet access Accessibility In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom 100% recommended. (currently 93% on TA) After searching the websites of your 4* properties in the hotel amenities list, I couldn't identify one with "Self service laundry " . In fact, the Monaco website only lists "overnight laundry", not self service. So maybe a new amenity for the list. (Not that I am going to Chicago to wash c
  7. This was available on HOTWIRE for at least one week. Bought it this morning. Amenities listed: Free internet pools internet access indoor pools restaurant airport shuttle business center fitness center self service laundry 95% recomended, 4 out of 5 on Tripwatcher Now appears the same hotel available for $66.00 and "still gathering reviews" Midway seems a scary area to bid, because the most distant hotels in the area can be 9-10 from the airport, and according to reviewers, that can be a 30-40 minute drive. Your 3 star hotel listings are all close to the airport, but might you get somethin
  8. This was a Hotwire purchase. I should have labeled it MagMileNorth-WaterTower. It was identical amenities to the 4 star MMN-WT listed in my earlier post for $105, but down to $101 this morning, and I'd guess, now showing for $111. (Maybe I saved $10/nt) I'll smile at check in, compliment the "beautiful Northern Italian Renaissance architecture" and ask for an upgrade. I did not bid on PL for 4 star, but suspect I would have gotten the very same hotel.
  9. Ugh!! Looks like The Allerton is back up to 4 star. Well at least it has a great location and some find it charming. I'll hope for a true queen size or king bed. I did try bidding PL NMA/RN 4 1/2 star up to $116 yesterday and $112 today with no luck. Bid through the link on your site. Even though I'm a little disappointed, I appreciate your help and love your site. Thanks
  10. I believe I have been accessing PL through the link on your site. The little box in the upper right corner with "Priceline QUICK QUOTE"?
  11. I am willing to pay $110 or even a little more if I have a reasonable expectation of the HW hotel, as I want to avoid Allerton, Drake and Raffaello. If there is little certainty of the hotel, I prefer to take my chances on PL, and hopefully pay a little less. (Plus, 5% coupon on PL--I finally found it with your help). The MP/GP zone would be OK on HW, if little chance of getting the Blackstone, but that's a little more iffy on PL. I suspect the MP/GP for $104 is the Hyatt. If you agree, I might just take that. I am even open to 3 1/2 star in either area, if you see something I'm missing.
  12. Can you help ID these 4* hotels on Hotwire? DT/MP/GP $104 Indoor pool, fitness center, pools, restuarant, business, Hi speed access, tennis nearlby, spa, accessible for blindm deaf, path of travel,inroom accessibility, accessible BR and roll in shower 95% recommended MM/RN $106 Boutique, smoke free, fitness center, business, restaurant, Hi-speed, Acc blind, path of travel, in room acc, acc BR, handicap parking, and roll in shower. 90% recommended MM/WT $105 Smoke free, fitness, restuarant, business, Hi speed, acc. blins, acc. deaf, path of travel, in room acc, acc BR, handicap parking an
  13. I have been bidding for 4 and 4 1/2 star hotels for the last week. I'm pretty sure the McCormack area increased for 3 1/2 to 4 stars last week, and today the Lincoln Park has 4 star and O'Hare South has 4 1/2 star. I am trying to win NMA/RN for 4 1/2 or 4 star for 7/3-7/6. No luck up to $106 for 4 1/2 and $86 for 4 star. Am I just bidding too low? Do you have any suggestions?
  14. Unable to win a 4 star North or South O'Hare up to $65.00. Started 3 1/2 star South O'Hare at $50, $52, and accepted at $55. Hotel web site lowest price 7/6 is $75. I was unable to see where to add coupon code "summer" (promotion advertised on PL web site)for a 5% saving on NYOP bids. I "chatted" with a rep and they refunded 5%, but couldn't tell me how to use the coupon code for my next bid in downtown Chicago; said they would send me instructions via e-mail. What came in the e-mail was a $5/night discount on my next "Express Deals". Anyone else trying to use "summer" coupon code on NYO
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