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  1. I figured out that this was likely the Mirage in my research based on it being the only 4.5 star hotel in the north strip, and this is where I was looking to stay for my March Madness trip this year. I used the board links when purchasing. This was a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal. Amenities listed are as follows: Free Internet Swimming Pool Fitness Center Casino Business Center
  2. That PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal was indeed Treasure Island so I am very happy....plus I got an extra 10% off with a coupon. I used the board PRICELINE link to make my searches/purchase. Thanks guys!!!
  3. For March 18-22 I am seeing the following now for 4* Strip North on Priceline Express. The price is now $129 so I guess they just raised it by $1. Rated 7.0 out of 10 (or higher) Indoor or Outdoor Pool Casino Restaurant Fitness Center Free Parking Free Internet Business Center
  4. Thanks. I think I'm probably going to take a chance on that PRICELINE EXPRESS mentioned earlier in the thread that you thought could be the TI (and hope it's not SLS) since I have a 10% off Express offer that expires in a couple days.
  5. Any idea if this is SLS or TI on Hotwire? $99/nt Free Internet Resort Casino Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access Golf nearby
  6. It was strip north and not strip south. Probably TI or SLS?
  7. For the dates mentioned in the title, what is this express deal in your best guess? $128/nt 4* North Strip Free Internet Free Parking Swimming Pool Fitness Center Restaurant Casino Business Center Guest Ratings: 7+ Good
  8. Strip is a must and a casino is a must. I do have a 10% priceline express coupon so I've been looking at those too. Strip North or Strip South is fine. I don't want to bid on a hotel in the Strip North 5* because of the Trump which I do not want. I'd prefer not to go over $120/night for 4* because of the resort fees (which are ridiculous), which would end up putting it at $150/night.
  9. It seems as if this weekend is more expensive than previous years.....I am going to wait a bit before booking it looks like.
  10. Booking my hotel for my annual March Madness trip for 3/18-3/22 So far I have tried 5* in Strip South up to $150 with no luck, I figure it will probably take a lot more to win Cosmo, Aria, or Vdara so I will have to shoot lower in terms of quality. My previous strategy had been 4* Strip North with Treasure Island or Mirage which I love both, however they've added a new hotel in that zone which I do not want (SLS) so I am having to adjust my strategy. I am using the boards links for my searches.
  11. I got Treasure Island for $103 a night, a deal compared to the $111 a night Express Deal and $151/night if purchased through their website. Also cheaper than I got for last years March Madness at this same property, which was around $120/night. Would have preferred a property I'd never stayed at before but can't complain too much. Also I think I can get out of paying the resort fee here, I got out of it last year so that will be even more savings.
  12. Bid today for 5* Strip North and Strip Vicinity South, starting at $100 and going up to $140 using rebid zones and no win. March Madness prices are through the roof.
  13. Guaranteed Amenities: Free Internet in public areas Outdoor Swimming Pool Free Parking Restaurant Business Center Casino Fitness Center
  14. Looking to get Mirage or TI on Priceline for March Madness, started at $75, rejected, and added Boulder Station, Henderson, NW Las Vegas, and Nellis and $5 increments each time up to $95 a night and was rejected each time. There is a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal for these dates, 4* Strip North for $111 a night and am not sure if it's the Mirage or Treasure Island. I used the boards PRICELINE links to do my searches/bidding.
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