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  1. So in Priceline's policy, it basically says that you are guaranteed the star level you pick, *or higher*. So if I were to request a 3 star hotel in a particular area, Priceline can automatically reserve and charge me for a 3.5 star hotel in the same area. In theory, I suppose this is okay, but what if I don't want one of the 3.5 star hotels? Is there a way to guarantee I WON'T get upgraded star levels??
  2. Recommended 95% Hotwire Price $88 Other Sites $169 Amenities: Free Parking Free Internet Indoor Pool(s) Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High Speed Internet Access My guess based on the hotels list is Sheraton Madison Hotel???
  3. First time both posting and Priceline-ing today! I was so excited I had to share... First bid went in at $60, then $62, $65, $68, $75, and $80. At $80 I was prompted to increase to $97 and bid right away, but instead I went back in and changed zones again (still keeping Inner Harbor) and got accepted at $85. Total price comes to $106.01 after taxes/fees.